July 26, 2018 1 min read

Take just one second and look into Melody's eyes.. See the difference? If you don’t think a dogs eye's speak volumes then you just have never had one. The team at KING KANINE can't say enough about how amazing the rescue groups we work with are..New York Bully Crew put their trust in KING KANINE's natural alternatives "KING KALM CBD" for pets and i'd say it's paying off. Look how healthy and happy Melody looks. After suffering from an immune disorder, papilloma virus and clearly lack of nutrition and love.. their sister group in Peru used our products, gave lots of attention and energy and look what we have.. wow.. I could look in Melody's happy eyes all day.. Share this with any of the rescue groups you know and thank them for their amazing humanitarian efforts.. KING KANINE loves being part of the giving back process to these amazing pets.