July 18, 2018 1 min read

KING KALM CBD by KING KANINE may be the first pet CBD company in the U.S. or globally 🌎 with a QR Code on the box.

Why use a QR code on the box?  It's simple, pet parents all want to make sure their loved ones are cared for and safe.  The QR code gives our pet parents peace of mind knowing that all King Kanine products go through rigorous testing.  

Where does this QR code go? With one quick scan you can immediately see the 6-part full panel lab tests from the EVIOLABS website. EVIOLABS is an independent ISO-17025 Certified lab🔬that does full panel testing for KING KANINE and so many other amazing CBD companies.

Jeff Riman, CEO of KING KANINE, on what motivates him to go above and beyond to be transparent with all products he said... “That’s easy.. our pets would do the same thing for us.”