Pet Grooming Supplies


The ALL NEW Self-Cleaning Retraction Action KING KOMB and KING KOMB Mini are the Ultimate De-Sheddingpet grooming tools for removing loose hair from your dog’s coat.It’s an extremely useful addition to any dog grooming equipment tool belt for pet parents or even professional dog groomers. It's as easy as KOMB, RETRACT & KLEAN for your dogs, cats, and horses.


Our all natural & organic canine de-sheddingdog Shampoo KING KLEAN is specially formulated for man's best friend.  After extensive research and development, King Kanine has created the perfect all natural hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, organic to USDA standards shampoo and other pet grooming supplies.


KLEAN PAWS is our all new patented non-toxic foaming paw cleaner formulated to kill 99.99% of all bacteria and germs that our dogs carry around on a daily basis.It’s a great product to pair with a dog grooming tool like dog nail clippers, dog clippers, or grooming wipes to prevent any infections from occurring.

Softens paws as it killsringworm &roundworm (post larval state). Can prevent the passing of these potentially harmful parasites and other toxic bacteria to you, your family and other pets(especially during nail clipping time).


The KingKanine Difference: Premium Pet Grooming Essentials

Keeping your pets clean, fresh, and healthy is a responsibility every pet owner embraces with open arms. At King Kanine, we're dedicated to providing you with pet grooming supplies that are not only effective, but safe for your beloved companions. Here's why our collection stands a notch above the rest.

Cat and Dog Grooming Supplies FAQ

What products are available for my pet's skin and coat care?

We offer a range of products for your pet's skin and coat care. Our King Klean shampoo is all-natural, organic, hypo-allergenic, and eco-friendly. For a luxury treatment, we offer the Royal Coat Ultimate Luxurious Shine Spray for dogs.

What is the appropriate drying method after using your products?

After using our products, you can towel dry your pet or use a kennel dry method. Always ensure the drying process is comfortable for your pet to prevent any skin irritations.

Do you offer any cat products?

Yes, our King Klean shampoo is suitable for both dogs and cats. It's designed to be gentle on your pet's skin while effectively cleaning their coat.

How often should I trim my dog's nails?

Nail trim frequency can depend on your dog's lifestyle and breed. However, a general rule of thumb is to perform a nail trim or nail trimming every 3-4 weeks. Our grooming supplies currently do not include nail trims, but stay tuned for updates.

Do your products help keep my dog clean?

Absolutely! Our range of products, including our de-shedding tool, shampoos, and sprays, are designed to keep your dog clean and fresh. Our Klean Paws product is specifically designed to clean and soften paws while killing harmful bacteria.

How can I book a grooming appointment online?

While our website does sell grooming supplies, we currently do not offer the option to book a grooming appointment or grooming services online since we do not have a grooming salon. However, our products are designed to be user-friendly, allowing pet owners to conduct a grooming process at home.

Can I use your products for ear cleaning and teeth brushing?

Our products are primarily designed for coat care and skin health. For ear cleaning and teeth brushing, we recommend using products specifically designed for these purposes to ensure your pet's health and safety.

Do I need a professional groomer to use your products?

No, our products are designed to be user-friendly and can be used by pet owners at home. However, if you're unsure about any aspect of the grooming process, it's always a good idea to consult with a professional groomer.




Superior Quality Ingredients

When it comes to pet grooming, the quality of the products you use is of utmost importance. King Kanine uses all-natural and organic ingredients in our grooming supplies. Each product, from our King Klean Dog & Cat Shampoo to our Klean Paws Foaming Cleaner, is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic. This makes them gentle on your pet's skin while thoroughly cleansing them from head to tail.

Innovative Deshedding Solutions

At King Kanine, we understand that shedding can be a major concern for pet owners. Our King Komb and King Komb Mini are the ultimate pet grooming and deshedding tools that pet owners have grown to trust. The self-cleaning retraction action makes these tools easy to use and even easier to clean. Our deshedding tools are suitable for dogs, cats, and horses, showcasing their versatility.

Proactive Health Protection

Our Klean Paws non-toxic foaming cleaner is a perfect example of how our products do more than just clean. This patented formulation kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs, softens paws, and effectively eliminates ring worm & round worm in their post-larval state. It's about protecting not just your pets, but your family as well.

Luxurious Pet Care

With products like the Royal Coat Ultimate Luxurious Shine Spray for Dogs, KingKanine moves beyond necessity and into the realm of luxury. This spray offers an ultimate shine, making your pet's coat look vibrant and healthy. Because who said pets can't enjoy a bit of pampering?

Range of Comprehensive Solutions

Our range doesn't stop at deshedding tools and shampoos. We offer products designed to tackle specific issues, like pet odor elimination sprays and pet bed sprays, to ensure that every facet of your pet's cleanliness and hygiene is covered.

At KingKanine, we believe that the best care for your pet is achieved through high-quality, natural products that are both safe and effective. Our comprehensive range of pet grooming supplies is designed with this belief at its core.

Explore the KingKanine collection today to find the perfect grooming solution for your pet. Because every pet deserves a royal treatment.