KING KOMB™ - Deshedding tool


KING KOMB™ - Deshedding tool

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The Ultimate Grooming and De-Shedding tool for small to large sized dogs, cats, horses or any pet that sheds.

Say goodbye to all that fur! The US patent Self-Cleaning Retraction Action KING KOMB™ is the Ultimate Grooming and Deshedding tool for medium to large sized dogs and horses. It's as easy as Komb, Retract & Klean.

51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles to remove allergy triggering dander. Helps keep your pet's coat silky smooth.

  • Self Cleaning retractable shedding edges
  • Ergonomic design makes de-shedding comfortable and easy
  • Helps control shedding and allergenic dander
  • Facilitates the removal of loose fur from the top coat and undercoat
  • Rubber bristles are excellent for massage and dermal stimulation for a healthy coat
  • Use for shampooing or massaging in essential or topical oils
  • Designed by pet passionate dog owners
  • Does not cut your pets(dogs, cats & other pets) fur


The KING KOMB - Deshedding tool offers numerous benefits for both you and your pet. Here are just a few:

  • Keep your pet's coat silky smooth: With 51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles, the KING KOMB is designed to remove shedding fur and keep your pet's coat looking and feeling great. Plus, the rubber bristle brush provides a massage and dermal stimulation that promotes a healthy dog’s skin.
  • Reduce shedding: The self-cleaning retractable shedding edges make it easy to remove loose fur from both the top coat and undercoat. By removing excess dog’s fur, you'll reduce shedding and keep your home cleaner.
  • Control allergenic dander: The KING KOMB is also an effective tool for controlling allergenic dander. The rubberized bristle brushes pick up dander and remove it from your pet's coat, which can help reduce allergies and other respiratory issues.
  • Suitable for all pets: Whether you have small, short-haired dogs, a large horse, or anything in between, the KING KOMB is suitable for all pets that shed. This versatile tool is perfect for households with multiple pets.
  • Easy to use: The ergonomic design of the KING KOMB makes it comfortable and easy to use. Simply comb through your pet's fur, retract the shedding edges to remove the fur, and then use the self-cleaning feature to dispose of the dog hair.
  • Designed by pet passionate pet owners: The KING KOMB slicker brush was designed by pet passionate owners who understand the importance of keeping your pet healthy and happy. You can trust that this tool was created with both you and your pet in mind.

How to Use

Using the KING KOMB - Deshedding tool is easy and straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Begin by preparing your pet for grooming. Make sure they're comfortable and relaxed. You may want to give them a treat or two to keep them happy. You can also use grooming gloves for additional safety. 
  2. Hold the KING KOMB slicker brushes firmly and comb your pet's fur in the direction of hair growth. Start at the head and work your way down the body. Use a light touch, as pressing too hard can cause discomfort.
  3. As you brush, you'll notice that the KING KOMB is removing loose hair and dander. When the shedding edges become full, simply retract them using the retractable shedding edges feature. This will remove the pet hair from the dog brush, making it ready for the next stroke.
  4. When you're finished grooming your pet, use the self-cleaning feature to dispose of the hair. Simply push the button and watch as the excess fur is released from the comb.
  5. Clean the comb regularly to ensure it stays in good condition. To do this, simply rinse the comb with warm water and allow it to air dry.

That's it! With the KING KOMB - Deshedding tool, you can groom your pet like a pro in no time. Plus, your pet will love the attention and care you're giving them.

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