July 26, 2018 2 min read

Growing up loving dogs has been something that came very easy to me. I mean who doesn't love dogs right? Well what I didn't realize is how many people actually don't. I never knew how many dogs were mistreated, abandoned and abused. I've seen the commercials on TV but I would always seem to ignore what I was watching. Maybe subconsciously as it was too painful to watch and it made me feel helpless. 

Fast forward to these past few years as KING KANINE started working with more and more rescue groups and I started to really see things differently. I realized how much work and how much love and passion these rescuers and rescue groups have. Our team at KING KANINE has been so blessed to work with some of these great rescue groups here and abroad. I will admit I don't know if I could do this kind of work because I would just get too attached and I'm not sure I could deal with the emotion of it all. However, I still did very much want to be involved with rescuing these awesome dogs some how.Then it dawned on me that we can work directly with these rescue groups and donate great products and contribute to the well being of so many great dogs in need.

In 2017 KING KANINE started working with Zach Skow of Marley's Mutts in California. I have been really impressed with the amount of work and energy that his team puts forth. The pain of seeing these dogs abused and the joy of seeing a dog get adopted is such an emotional roller coaster I'm just not sure how they do it but I give them all the credit in the world. 

In early 2018 We started working with a large east coast rescue called "New York Bully Crew".  This is a rescue group in New York who's mission is to save as many Pit Bulls and abandoned dogs possible. They also work with other rescue groups outside of the US including Peru and Puerto Rico. We have seen first hand how our KING KANINE natural products have helped so many of these dogs and pets in need. So in some sense we are contributing to the well being of so many animals in need in a different kind of way.

We are also able to help contribute financially to the rescue groups by having them as affiliates. When I see a dog suffering less from one of our KING KALM Pet CBD products or topical sprays or balms it gives me so much satisfaction. So although we are not on the ground floor doing the day to day work involved we are still part of the mission and for now this is very satisfying.