KING KALM CBD 150mg for Bulldogs


KING KALM CBD 150mg for Bulldogs

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King Kalm CBD Oil for Bulldogs

KING KALM™ CBD Oilfor Bulldogs is made from the highest quality naturally occurring CBD extracted from industrial hemp and is formulated with the highly beneficial omega-3 rich krill oil.

Bulldogs are one of America’s favorite dogs, beloved for their humorous faces and short, stocky bodies. There’s something about their build that makes everyone want to squeeze them, and in their droopy, jowly face, we all see the best of friends. Mascots for the Marines and universities alike, Bulldogs are extraordinarily popular, and they have personalities befitting of their reputation. While Bulldogs might have once been used for wrangling livestock and fighting in rings, they’re now well-known as being caring family dogs, patient with children and compassionate to all who spend some time with them on the couch. Because they are extremely intelligent, Bulldogs are easy for owners to train, though not necessarily for athletic purposes. Bulldogs are definitely indoor companions.

Bulldog Facts and Temperament

Bulldogs have been around for over five hundred years, in one form or another. They used to be much larger animals and were used to grab bulls by their noses to hold them in place when being handled. Over time Bulldogs shrank down in size, until they ended up in the form they’re known for today. 

Bulldogs aren’t the loudest of dogs; they don’t bark often unless they’re anxious, and they much prefer to spend time with their family than roam around the property. The headstrong nature often depicted of Bulldogs may be true for some owners, but most people say their Bulldog is obedient, intelligent, and adaptable. That said, you shouldn’t force your Bulldog for a long excursion just because they will follow you. Due to their size and build, as well as their scrunched faces, breathing in Bulldogs is often restricted and limited, meaning they will grow exhausted quicker than other dogs. In too much heat, Bulldogs have even been known to die if they are overworked. Owners should be wary of having their dog overexert itself, as it can have dire consequences. 

CBD for Bulldogs

CBD for Bulldogs is the newest craze in the veterinary world because of its potential applications in treating a number of health issues mentioned above, in addition to problems like uneasiness and reduction in calm behavior. CBD is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid substance that is thought to have a strong influence on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating mood and behavior, and also has a hand in the way pain is processed in the brain and body.CBD oil for Bulldogs, as well as CBD edibles and topicals, is increasingly popular because of a lot of anecdotal evidence which points to positive results. 

For many Bulldogs, breathing problems can form as a result of lung inflammation. One thing thatCBD for Bulldogs is thought to have an impact on is inflammation. If the substance can effectively control the inflammation which is causing shortness of breath in the animal, then it may play a significant role in curbing further respiratory failure. Similarly,CBD oil for Bulldogs is considered a viable treatment plan for reducing chronic pain which arises as a result of arthritis or achy joints. Because of their short, stocky builds, Bulldogs are very prone to experiencing these issues, making it difficult for them to live full, comfortable lives. If you’re wonderinghow much CBD for Bulldogsis appropriate, consider the amount of distress your Bulldog is experiencing, and make the call with the help of experts here at King Kanine or with your trusted veterinarian. 

Bulldog Supporting Calm Behavior

CBD for Bulldogs has potential utility for many issues. One common problem for the breed is Bulldog Supporting Calm Behavior where the dog suffers when he or she is separated from the family. Because Bulldogs are pack animals, they are used to spending all their time with others; this is how they are built evolutionarily. Dogs who suffer from separation from their families are more likely to experience lasting health problems like heart disease or trouble breathing, due to the reduction in calm behavior endured by the body in the course of these panic attacks. Owners can tell if their dog suffers from separation issues based if he or she reacts in an unusual way when they leave or return to the home. If your Bulldog is loud and rowdy when you leave their side, this is a red flag that they may be suffering from Bulldog supporting calm behavior.

CBD may be applicable in this situation because of the way in which it is thought to affect the calmness within the body. If the substance can calm the nerves, it is less likely that the dog will endure behavioral discomfort and lasting effects from that uneasiness. Remember, too, that anxiousness leads to the body heating up, and in the case of Bulldogs, this can be fatal. Owners want to have as many treatments available as possible so they can take care of their beloved pooch.CBD oil for Bulldogs is a potential life-saver for supporting calm behavior and anxiousness.

CBD delivery for bulldogs

The Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) in krill oil is known to be an efficient catalyst for delivering CBD to the body. Increased omega-3 consumption has been linked to the up-regulation of endocannabinoid receptors as well as increased levels of endocannabinoid synthesis enzymes making krill oil an efficient catalyst for delivering CBD to the body.

Why choose King Kalm CBD for Bulldogs

Our broad spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes create an entourage effect which studies have shown provide a more significant therapeutic effect than CBD alone. Our pet CBD oil is formulated with your pet in mind by professionally formulated with years of experience in the industry. Each of our formulas are manufactured in our ISO-9001 Certified FDA Facility and tested in a third-party lab to ensure purity and dose accuracy making us the best CBD oil for dogs in the industry. Our 150mg CBD for dogs comes in a 30ml bottle with one oral syringe for easy application in your pet's mouth.

    See our King Kalm FAQs for Further Information.

    *CBD Oil Color May Vary

    Suggested Dose
    : Please use the dosing chart included in the box (also posted above with product images). Administer 1-2 times a day.

    **Due to recent studies and customer reviews, splitting the recommended dose into two servings has proven most effective.

    Ingredients: Naturally Occurring Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Krill Oil, Hemp Oil

    Consult with a professional veterinarian prior to use.

    Why choose King Kalm?

    Broad spectrum Phytocannabinoid rich oils

    • CO2 extraction
    • Each product is formulated with your pet in mind manufactured in our GMP Certified, ISO-9001 FDA registered facility.
    • Third party lab tested (available upon request)
    • Homogenously suspended in Krill oil and lavender
    • Edible recipes are formulated by our license holistic physician and nutritional expert
    • Free of solvents, pesticides, metals and unnatural substances
    • All oils come with a dosing chart and oral syringe (our charts and delivery method is to ensure the maximum amount of CBD per dose)

    What is CBD

    CBD or Cannabidiol is one of over 80 cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis/hemp plant. It is a completely natural, plant-based compound that is non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and does not produce a so-called “high.”

    How do I know if my dog or cat needs CBD?

    As mammals, all dogs, cats, and humans have what is called an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system contains receptors which when bound to create and modulate an immune system response, can have a profound effect on the nervous system and many common conditions that plague both us and our furry family members.

    Will CBD interact with my pets medication?

    We always recommend consulting with your veterinarian prior to using our products.

    Is it as effective for dogs or cats as it is for humans?


    What makes King Kalm CBD different from other CBD pet products?

    King Kalm™ CBD is derived from Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol Oils. Extracted from the highest quality all naturally occurring hemp and suspended in high omega-3 Krill Oil. Our CBD is lab tested vigorously and often for its potency and bio-availability. We do not use ANY artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, or colors whatsoever. Our product is 100% pure and something that can be found only in nature. We only create and sell a product we would give to our own pets.

    How do I know which strength/bottle to choose?

    There are many factors in deciding which milligram bottle to choose which can also depend on the ailment you are treating. Since each dog and family is different it really becomes a personal decision.
    Please use this chart to choose:
    Small sized pet 20 lbs & under - 75mg bottle (approximately 2.5mg / 1ML)
    Medium sized pet 21lbs to 50 lbs - 150mg bottle (approximately 5mg / 1ML)
    Large sized pet over 50 lbs - 300mg bottle (approximately 10mg / 1ML)

    How much CBD is there in the King Kalm Crunch treats?

    There are approximately 3-4 milligrams of CBD per treat and approximately 30 treats in each 8oz bag.

    How do I dose King Kalm CBD?

    Each box of King Kalm™ CBD comes with a dosing chart that may guide you based on your pet's weight.
    Please note: This product has not been approved by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Always consult a veterinarian prior to supplementing any product.

    How do I give my pet the oil?

    Each box comes with an oral syringe to administer in their mouth. That is the preferred method but you can put it in your pets food as a second option.

    Is King Kalm CBD given more than once a day?

    Administer the dose once a day and take notes of how your pet is responding. Monitor the signs and symptoms over a few days to weeks' time. Make adjustments based on your pets response.

    Once I start CBD therapy, do I have to always give it to them?

    Ask yourself this; once you decide to eat healthy, do you have to continue eating healthy in order to gain the benefits from the nutrients and vitamins found in that food? The answer is yes. This is a lifestyle change and like all other lifestyle changes they must be consistent in order to achieve the best results. There are no greater results to be had than the health of our four legged family members.

    How does King Kalm help with my pet's health problems?

    The FDA prohibits the correlation of our products and the healing of any medical condition and or ailments. We recommend trying one of our products for at least one month to witness any changes in your pet.