Kanine Kombinations

KING KOMB™ & KING KLEAN Shampoo $ 37.99
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$ 37.99
KING KOMB™ Mini & KING KLEAN Shampoo $ 34.99
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$ 34.99
Coat, Shed & Soothe Kombo $ 43.99
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Coat, Shed & Soothe Kombo
$ 43.99

KING KOMB™ Mini, KING KOMB™, Shampoo, Soothe & Balm $ 86.99
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$ 86.99
150mg CBD , Soothe & Balm $ 78.99
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150mg CBD , Soothe & Balm
$ 78.99
75mg CBD , Soothe & Balm $ 61.99
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75mg CBD , Soothe & Balm
$ 61.99

King Klean™ In Between Bath (Pet Odor Eliminator) Spray $ 13.99 $ 18.99
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King Klean™ In Between Ba...
$ 13.99 $ 18.99
300mg CBD, Soothe & Balm $ 104.99
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300mg CBD, Soothe & Balm
$ 104.99

King Kanine Pet Grooming Kits

Our collection of pet bundles offers the ideal way to keep your furry friends looking and feeling their best. The items in each of these personalized pet grooming kits have been carefully selected to provide owners with a one-stop solution to their pet’s specific wellness needs.

The Best CBD for Pets

King Kanine’s signature line of CBD for dogs and cats is the industry’s standard-bearer thanks to our high-quality extraction and manufacturing processes. Using naturally-derived CBD extracts, each of our CBD pet products is formulated by a licensed pharmacist with decades of experience and are tested by independent labs for quality assurance.

Our collection of Kanine Kombos includes bundles containing our best CBD products such as the King Kalm Soothe, King Kalm Balm, and different dosages of our CBD oil for pets.

King Kanine Pet Grooming Products

King Kanine pet grooming products have been professionally designed to minimize shedding and protect fur and skin. Our best-selling King Komb removes undercoat and dander while massaging their skin and coat. Meanwhile, our natural King Klean shampoo is made with certified organic ingredients so you can keep your dog looking great in an all-natural way.