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Pet Cbd Products

Parents have this weird habit of stuffing veggies kids don’t like into something and making a delicious dish out of it. Which obviously all kids love. I have had my broccoli like this too. Well, you are a pet parent too, so why not use this easy trick? CBD treats for dogs are made using a similar trick. The treats taste and smell delicious but they contain CBD or Cannabidiol. CBD helps in pain relief when your dog is in physical or mental pain. Even though helpful CBD treats might be for your dog you cannot stuff a lot of it in your pet’s mouth. There is a limit to everything and crossing this limit can have certain repercussions. If you are considering CBD treats for your dog, here is all you need to know regarding how many CBD dog treats to give and the side effects of an overdose.

What are CBD treats?

Pet Cbd Products

If your dog is refusing a direct intake of CBD oil through CBD capsules or a dropper then CBD treats are your ultimate choice. These are small crunchy or soft treats that are infused with CBD oil. They look and taste amazing so your dog won’t have any issues having them. Moreover, it saves you the trouble of measuring CBD oil with a dropper.

But what is CBD oil exactly? Is it even safe?

Cannabinoids are compounds that are extracted from the cannabis plant. The two most popular ones are THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or Cannabidiol. We don’t need to get into the chemical differences between these two but what you need to know is that THC is psychoactive whereas CBD is non-psychoactive.

For the ones not too cool with medical terms let's understand what CBD is in simpler words. Before you start panicking by reading the term cannabis, let’s clear your doubt.

Difference between CBD and THC

Pet Cbd Products

The cannabis extract that makes you high and euphoric is the one called THC. This compound derived from the Marijuana plant affects our nervous system (psychoactive) and increases dopamine (happy hormone) levels resulting in a better mood and feeling of pleasure.

CBD on the other hand is non-psychoactive, which means it will not make you high (rather it prevents euphoric effects) but will give you better sleep, reduce anxiety, and will also help you get relief from the pain.

CBD is derived from hemp plants as well as Marijuana. The THC content in Marijuana is higher than in other cannabinoids. Similarly, Hemp has a higher CBD concentration, therefore hemp is used for dog CBD.

Dog CBD is available for consumption and tropical usage as well. If your dog is not having proper sleep may be due to a mental issue or old age you can use CBD to help it sleep while the vets work on resolving the main issue. CBD oils are great to get rid of the pain as well. So if the lack of sleep or frustration of your dog is due to some pain in the bones or muscles, CBD oil will help your dog get pain relief. Let me remind you that pain relief doesn't imply that the problem has been resolved, it is only to keep your dog at ease and save him from suffering in so much pain. Please make sure a vet has checked your dog and is resolving the main reason behind the pain.

Coming back to your question of whether CBD products are safe for dogs? They are absolutely safe for dogs as long as they have less than 0.3% THC in them.

How much CBD treat should you give to your dog?

Pet Cbd Products

How much, isn’t the right question here. We cannot say give 10 pieces or 20. The CBD content in CBD treats of different brands is different so a specific number cannot be given. Moreover, CBD dosage for dogs depends on a bunch of factors. We are definitely going to talk some numbers but before that, it is important to notice how your dog is responding to the dosage. That is the biggest indication of whether you should give more or less. Starting with a very small amount is however the ideal way for dogs to try CBD oil for the first time.

Factors that affect the CBD treats dose 

Dog’s weight

The most influential factor has to be your dog’s weight. Quick! Get a weighing machine and note the dog's weight. So the generally accepted rule is that you should give your dog 0.2 mg of CBD for every pound of dog's body weight. Just check the packet of your CBD treats to check how much CBD oil it has. Do some math to figure out how much oil would be in one piece and feed accordingly. Most CBD treats would have the dosing instructions like 1 for dogs weighing 50 lbs or less.

Why you are using it

How much CBD oil or treats to use can also depend on the purpose of its use. For example, if your dog gets scared on a car ride but you have no other option but to take him with you in your car. In this case, CBD treats or CBD oil dosage can be restricted to just once before the car ride. It will reduce its anxiety and fear of car rides allowing you and your dog to have a peaceful ride. However, if your dog suffers continuous pain from something like Arthritis you can try giving them CBD products every day as and when required.

How does your dog respond to it?

The optimal CBD dosage given on the packet is certainly something you should follow. However, the best way to determine the right dose is by observing your dog. Many dog owners know how their dog behaves when it is in pain. So if you see him behaving in a similar manner after giving one treat you can try giving it one more. Keep increasing or decreasing the amount based on how your dog responds to it.

How long does it take for CBD treats to show their effects? 

You’re probably wondering just how long should I wait to observe the effects of the CBD treats. Will it happen immediately? Or does it take days?

Based on the severity of the issue and how much CBD oil or treats the dog was fed, the time it can take to show its effects will vary.

On average, it should take about 30 minutes or less to help your dog with reducing anxiety. It can stay calm and composed for about 5-6 hours. For pain relief, it might take up to a month until you start seeing visible differences in your dog’s behavior.

But again, we cannot give exact numbers, each dog is different and so is their body and pain. It may be too fast for some and too slow for others. It is more of a trial and error when you first start with CBD oils or treats. So take your time figuring out the right CBD dosage and also give your dog the time to adjust to this new substance being introduced to its body. 

How often should you give a CBD dose? 

This mostly depends on the purpose of its use. You can use it once every day if your dog has mild to moderate anxiety. For some dogs, special occasions trigger anxiety, like their owner leaving the house. In this case, you can give CBD dog treats half an hour before leaving so that they calm down and don’t stop you from leaving the house. If your dog has some disease like arthritis, joint pain or he met an accident or anything else that causes a lot of pain, then you can increase the CBD dosages. Try giving them CBD twice a day. If the pain still persists then thrice. Gradually increase the CBD dosing to avoid overdosing. 

CBD overdose

Pet Cbd Products

CBD sure has a lot of health benefits but that doesn’t mean you can use a lot of it. Do you consume calcium tablets as snacks just because they are good for you? No, right? The same logic applies to CBD treats. They are good for your dog but too much CBD has some side effects. So make sure you restrict how much CBD oils or treats you give to your dog.

Despite you being vigilant if in case, for some absurd reason your dog ends up having a lot of CBD treats. Or if your dog gets addicted to CBD and demands a lot of it and that leads to an overdose, then these are some of the common symptoms you can observe.

  • Dilated pupils
  • Dry mouth 
  • Laziness or inactivity
  • Diareahh 
  • Lowered blood pressure

What will happen if there is an overdose of CBD?

An overdose is most likely to happen when you are introducing CBD to your dog for the first time because you don’t know exactly how much CBD should be given to your dog.

Don’t worry even if you end up giving more CBD than required. There is something called a CBD receptor in the dog’s body. The CBD interacts with these receptors. If more CBD is being fed to the dog, the receptors will not interact with the excess CBD and it would be excreted out of the dog’s body. However, you might notice that your dog is sleeping a lot more than usual and is probably feeling very inactive. Just give them enough water and let them sleep to recover from an overdose. Very rarely does CBD overdose lead to fatal outcomes. You can wait for about a day for the effect of CBD to wear out and if the dog still behaves a bit differently then you can consult the dog’s veterinarian. 

Bottom line

Hemp CBD products are absolutely safe and can help your dog to get rid of the pain and mental stress. However, the correct dosage is important to reap the benefits of this product. Make sure you follow the instructions given on the packet or the dosage chart provided by the brand when feeding CBD products. Also, take some time to observe the dog for any unusual behavior. Apart from this, please buy high-quality CBD products. Unbranded and low-quality products are cheap but can be harmful to your furry friend. CBD for dogs is an absolute blessing for poor things who cannot even voice their pain. While the veterinarian is working on resolving the main issue of your dog’s condition we encourage you to help your dog with pain management, whether it is physical or mental.