Helping rescues with amputee dogs and dogs with paralysis run and play again.


Our Mission Is Easy.  Let's Keep Them Running. Smiling, and just being dogs.

There are numerous amounts of pet rescues that take in dogs from shelters that have been abandoned due to their paralysis, hit by a car, and left to suffer on the street or in a parking lot and left all alone unable to walk.  

The mission for "Dogs Rock and Roll" is to raise awareness and create funds for the amazing pet rescues out there that don’t always have the resources to get these dogs adequate equipment and supplies.  A wheelchair for a dog supports their back legs and keeps them from dragging themselves on the ground. Thus, causing more injuries, skin abrasions and possible infections. 

When I saw Naaji from Marley's Mutts rescue in his wheelchair something struck a chord and from there I started Dogs Rock and Roll, to give other dogs that opportunity to run and play again. Our hope is that our pet loving friends around the world also see the amazing change in a dog when they’re able to run free again and will help us to keep these amazing pets running, playing, and smiling. 

LESTER. Our first dog to receive his wheels

Meet Lester. Lester is literally the first dog that "Dogs Rock and Roll" got their very first set of wheels for.  He was at an amazing rescue called "Freckles and Tomcat Rescue“ When I first saw his picture, I couldn't believe what a cutie he was. However, you could see in his eyes he was just a bit broken.  He wanted to run and play and just be a dog.  Thankfully he now has that chance.