September 30, 2022 6 min read

Cbd Oil For Dogs Allergies

If your dog often suffers from inflammation and/or skin allergies, you might be on the lookout for some alternatives to regular medicines that won’t cause a lot of side effects. Luckily, the thing you have been looking for already exists, it’s called CBD oil.

It is an oil made from hemp plant extracts and is meant to be taken orally or applied tropically. Before you start worrying about hemp oil being safe, let me tell you it is absolutely safe to use and legally permitted as well. Let us learn more about how will CBD oil help dogs with allergies in this post.

Endocannabinoid system

Cannabinoids are elements extracted from different varieties of cannabis plants. Any mammal's body can make its own cannabinoids and these elements interact with a neurotransmitting system in a mammal’s body called the Endocannabinoid system. Neurotransmitters are things that send signals to our brains. So this system is able to control plenty of bodily functions like immunity, inflammation, growth, feeling emotions and pain, and much more.

Now, why are we suddenly attending a biology class and studying some systems? Well, it is because this system is what makes CBD oil a product that can naturally help dogs with pain management and dog allergies.

When certain allergens enter the dog’s body they interfere with the natural functioning of its Endocannabinoid system. This along with the immune response to these allergens result in symptoms like sneezing, itchy skin, etc. Sometimes dog allergies are not harmful. For example, pollens in the air enter the dog’s body through its nose. The body perceives them as harmful substances and takes immediate action.

Common dog allergies

Cbd Oil For Dogs Allergies

Environmental allergies

There are plenty of allergens in the air, water, and all surfaces. The most common environmental allergens are pollens. You can usually find dogs, cats, and other animals getting allergies due to external environmental factors. Common allergy symptoms would be itchy skin and sneezing. 

Food allergies

While it is true that dogs adore chicken, it is also the food that causes allergies in dogs the most frequently. Food sensitivities are very common in dogs just like in humans. Allergies might develop even from dog food, which largely contains meat. There are dogs who are allergic to dairy products and peanut butter also. After giving your dog a new meal, be sure to keep an eye out for any unusual behavior. Precautionary steps can be implemented if dog allergies are discovered early.

Skin allergies

Skin allergies can happen due to environmental factors but another contributing factor is the way animals like to clean themselves. They usually lick their bodies to clean them, which could lead to the transmission of allergens. Excessive scratching or rubbing against rugs and doors and also lead to an allergic reaction. Common symptoms you can observe are rashes and swelling.

Flea bites

Flea allergy dermatitis is a serious allergic disease that is caused by flea saliva. It causes a lot of discomfort to the dog since their skin becomes very itchy.

Genetically caused allergies

Just like us, diseases can be transmitted from one generation to the other through the parent’s genes in dogs and other animals as well. There is nothing you can do to avoid such genetic dog allergies. So the best option for you is to use natural products to help your dog be comfortable and at ease.


Molds are common in every household. They can form in areas that aren’t always visible like under the sink. Molds can be carried through the air and then into the body of your dog via its nose. Make sure you maintain proper hygiene around your house and keep your walls and carpets mold-free.

A weird smell would be circulating in the house if it has molds. Moreover, you and/or your dog will suddenly start sneezing more often. If you notice these two things happening in your house then there is a great chance that your house has molds.

What is CBD oil?

Cbd Oil For Dogs Allergies

CBD in CBD oil stands for cannabidiol which is a compound extracted from hemp plants and Marijuana plants.

There is another cannabinoid found in cannabis plants called THC. It is found in abundance in the Marijuana plants. It is also the thing that makes you high and lets you experience euphoria.

If you are wondering if a cannabis plant extract will make your dog high, that is not possible. CBD oils are restricted to only 0.3% of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration. Any more than this would not be permitted to be sold legally.

Usually, medicinal hemp plants are used to make natural CBD oil and it is absolutely safe for use. CBD oil is fed to the dog directly as directed by the veterinarian or by following the package instructions. If your dog finds it difficult to consume it directly you can mix it in its food or buy CBD dog treats which are treats infused with CBD oil.

Benefits of CBD oil

Cbd Oil For Dogs Allergies

CBD oil can act as a pain reliever and also as a medicine for certain diseases. There is more research being conducted to study the benefits of CBD oil in dogs. These are all the major benefits of CBD oil we know so far.

Pain relief

CBD oil has been shown to get rid of pain in dogs. It is a non-psychoactive drug, which means it will not affect your brain but it does the job of restricting the pain signals from reaching the brain.

Anti-inflammatory properties

It most certainly works fantastically against inflammation. We shall discuss this more in the next segment.

Helps reduce anxiety 

Dogs and other animals often experience excessive anxiety. Many animals become restless in a vehicle especially when it is their first time. In addition to making the animal uncomfortable, this makes it difficult for dog owners to carry out their everyday tasks. A good solution to this is using CBD oil to calm their nerves and reduce their anxiety.

Help dogs with Nausea

Dogs might sometimes feel nauseatic due to illness, weakness, or mental stress. Using CBD oil can help them with nausea. 

CBD for dog allergies

CBD oil works beautifully for allergies. Remember the endocannabinoid system? The receptors of the ECS system interact with cannabinoids. This is how it maintains its proper functioning. The dog’s body is capable of producing its own cannabinoids. But when allergens enter the body they disrupt the usual function of the ECS.

Hence, when you use CBD oil you are actually supplying natural plant-based cannabinoids to ensure the proper functioning of the ECS system. The cannabinoids in the hemp oil interact with the ECS receptors reducing allergic reactions.

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, CBD oil also strengthens the dog’s immune system. Your immune system reacts and makes an effort to expel allergens from the body once they have entered and are recognized as threats. With the aid of CBD oil and other medications, you can help your dog's immune system to work in a better way, thus contributing to treating allergies faster.

Natural medicines or Apoquel?

Cbd Oil For Dogs Allergies

If you have ever taken your dog to the veterinarian for allergies you were most likely prescribed Apoquel. The drug is prescribed only to dogs that are at least a year old. It is a fantastic medicine that is able to act within 4 hours and reduce allergies considerably within 24 hours. The drug acts on the very thing that triggers the allergy and helps reduce allergy symptoms of allergies like itchy skin, redness, or swelling. However, just like any other drug, Apoquel has some side effects too.

Side effects of Apoquel

Although there aren’t any fatal side effects of Apoquel, the following side effects are observed.

  • Diarrhea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Laziness 
  • Losing appetite 
  • Polydipsia 
  • Runny nose and eyes

Although Apoquel might give you fast results, its side effects can cause more problems for your dogs. This is precisely why choosing natural medicines like CBD oil can be better at times.

CBD oil also has some side effects like dry mouth, laziness, dizziness, etc. but your dog can easily sleep and recover from these side effects. Moreover, CBD oil can help your dog with anxiety within 15-30 minutes and for major issues, it might take about a month. Additionally, you are not only limited to oral consumption of CBD oil. You can use CBD oil on the dog’s skin as well.

The only tricky thing about CBD oil is figuring out what is the right amount of dose. Most pet owners start with a small dosage and then increase or decrease it as and when needed.

So if you weigh natural and prescription drugs, natural drugs turn out to be better for your dog’s health. However, we suggest you see a veterinarian first before giving any medicine to your dog. 

Bottom line

Dog allergies are unavoidable, your furry friend will wander around play in the garden scratch himself, and will end up catching allergies. Most allergies aren’t too serious but can cause a lot of discomforts. CBD oil can help you in reducing inflammation and keeping your dog at ease. In any case, don’t wait till your dog gets allergies.

Make sure you maintain proper hygiene of your dog and also that there aren’t any molds on your carpets and walls. Keep an eye on your dog and if you see any unusual behavior consult a veterinarian immediately. Buy the best CBD oil you can find to help your dog with any mental or physical pain.