April 25, 2019 5 min read

There’s no shortage of apps for pet owners. Whether it’s the Apple store or Google Play, the number of pet care apps can seem overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking for the best dog walking app, an anti-dog barking app, or a dog commander app, there are many to choose from. Below, we have shortlisted some of the best apps for dog owners.

Our list isn’t just apps for dog owners. Many of these are general pet care apps that will help any pet parent in their time of need.


Wag mobile app

Source: Seattlerefined.com

Ios: Free

Walks are the perfect way for a dog to go out and stretch their legs. Any dog owner can tell you the benefit of walking has on their dog’s health, as well as the added bonus of letting their dog walk off all that extra energy.

Sometimes though, life gets in the way of giving our dog all the exercise time they need. That’s where Wag! comes in.

Wag! offers access to vetted walkers in your area. You can schedule walks and will have access to tracking bathroom notifications and photos. You will also be able to keep in constant communication with your walker via text messages.

You can also sign up to become a walker.


BarkHappy Pet App

Source: Austinot.com 

Ios: Free

Sometimes you and your dog might just want a way to meet new, friendly, furry faces. BarkHappy is an app that helps you connect with other dog owners in your area as well as giving you details on pet-friendly areas around you.

It can act like a dog playdate app, letting you reach out to others with the app and set up meetings with each other's pets. You can use it to find pet-friendly events near you and even lets you post lost and found information.

Dig- Dog Person’s Dating App


Dig- Dog Person’s Dating Pet App

Source: Androidpolice.com

Ios: Free
Google: Free

We’ve seen a dog dating app, what about a dating app for dog lovers? Dig is an app where everyone has one thing in common -- they can’t get enough of their dog!

You can choose to look for someone who has a dog or is looking to get one with the right person. Not everyone has the space for a large dog, or maybe you do prefer a lumbering giant to a petite pet. Users are sorted by not just the kind of person they’re looking for but the type of dog as well.

You can choose whether or not you ‘dig’ someone and from there, the app will suggest dog-friendly locations for a first date.

iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker Pet App


Ios: Free

When looking for apps to make dogs stop barking, start with iTrainer. iTrainer can work like a dog whistle app to stop barking. It offers an array of different sounds including a clicker to further train your pet.

With sounds like squeaky toys, other animals, or even dog barks, it can also work as a talk to your dog app. It’s the first step for a stop dog barking app and can be a great supplement to any other training you have in mind.

For Andriod users, Dog Whistle - High-Frequency Tone Dog Trainer is a great alternative and is also free.

Dogo - Your Dog’s Favorite App

Dogo Pet App


Ios: Free with in-app purchases
Android: Free with in-app purchases

A free dog whistle app is the first place to go, but what if you want something like a dog command app? Dogo is your place to go.

With over 70 different commands and exercises, and its own built-in clicker, you can monitor your dog’s training by creating a personalized profile. If you have more than one dog, you can track multiple profiles at the same time.

You don’t have to worry about being on your own with no support. Dogo allows you access to a 24-hour dog training expert hotline, cementing its place as best dog training app.


Scritchspot Pet App

Source: itunes.apple.com

Ios: Free
Android: Free

Sometimes you just need an app that’ll help you watch over your pet. This app focuses on pet wellness and pet care, all while combining a social network that’ll help you interact with other pet parents.

This pet care app isn’t just for your dog but also offers tips for your cat. It provides reviews on products, information on adopting a pet in the area, and even lets you find a walker or sitter.

It’s a hub of pet care information, acting like a dog breed app, cat breed app, and overall conglomerate for info on all things pets.

The app also lets you keep all of your pet’s medical records in one spot, as well as care notes for anyone who may end up watching them.

Dog Monitor

Dog Monitor Pet App


Ios: $4.99
Android: $5.99

The best pet monitor app out there has to be Dog Monitor. For 4.99, you will be able to monitor your pet through your mobile device at all times.

The app is sensitive to sound and movement, letting you know when your dog is moving around or barking. It also functions as a live watchdog app, giving you access to a live stream. The great thing about it is, if you see your pet getting into trouble, you can speak through the app, giving them commands to stop.

With that feature alone, it makes it one of the best, if not the best, dog monitor app.

Dog Monitor & Pet Cam by Annie

Dog Monitor & Pet Cam App

Source: itunes.apple.com

Ios: Free with in-app purchases
Android: Free with in-app purchases

A pet cam app can be essential if you have young pets especially dogs and puppies. And, not everyone has an extra five dollars to shell out for an app.

Dog Monitor & Pet Cam by Annie is a free pet watching app. It also allows for a live video and the ability to speak to your pet. Keep in mind that, while it is free to download, you need to spend some money to get the full version.


Rover Pet App


Ios: Free
Android: Free

Sometimes you need to go beyond just finding a pet watching app. Rover is an app that allows you to find a pet sitter in your area. Everyone is vetted, and you are able to keep in contact with whoever is watching over your pet.

It’s not just for dogs either. It can also function as a cat sitting app so that your furry feline gets all the care they need as well.

Like Wag! , you can sign up to become a walker or sitter, giving you options to figure out which is the best dog walking app to work for.

Cat Whistle & Training

Cat Whistle & Training Pet App

Source: itunes.apple.com

Ios: Free

You’ve seen an app to make a dog stop barking. What about something similar for cats?

Cat Whistle & Training is exactly what it sounds like -- it’s a cat whistle app. It allows for a variety of frequencies to let you work on training your cat to come to you or come back home after a day out.

For Android users, Cat Whistle is an excellent free alternative.

PawBoost - Lost and Found Pets

PawBoost Pet App

Source: itunes.apple.com

Ios: Free
Android: Free

The worst thing that can happen is the furry member of your family is lost. Unfortunately, no dog microchip scanner app can reliably allow anyone other than a trained vet to scan a found dog.

However, PawBoost uses the power of social media and networks to help pet lovers come together to find their missing pets. This, find my pet app, allows you to see what pets have been lost or found in your area and lets you make your own post.

You are also able to contact anyone who has found a lost pet.

In Conclusion

There are so many pet apps to choose from. From a ‘stop dog barking app’ to a ‘cat training app.’ Remember to always use an app wisely and when taken into consideration of your pet’s personality and needs. Explore these apps and get to know them so you and your furry companion can use them for the best results.