May 23, 2018 1 min read

We post these amazing stories because we know how many millions of people out there love their dogs so much! If we can share a story that could help another passionate pet person then it’s all worth it. —Ivy wrote: “This is my 12yr old pug 😊 He suffers from hotspots, allergies, and arthritis. This KING KALM CBD has halted his arthritis completely and his arthritis doesn't affect him at all! He will randomly go and grab a toy and play with it when I haven't seen  him do that in 3 years!!!! We also use the KING KLEAN dog shampoo, hot spot spray & soothe balm. We have tried so many things for his hotspots from revolution-creams. This is the ONLY thing that gives him relief. The hotspot soothing spray also helps his ears when his allergies act up. The balm we use all the time for the hot pavement and salt on snow! It's amazing! I'm absolutely in love with these products! 

Recently my parents 18yr old cat has been suffering from very bad arthritis and hip dysplasia, she could barely move. I recommended with all of my heart this CBD oil, she is not moving around and being her old senial self! Haha! 

I would 100% recommend this product to anyone with a fur baby that needs pain medication. It's not hard on their stomach and has other amazing healing benefits!!! Thank you for this amazing product! It truly is a lifesaver! 💜💜"