July 16, 2021 2 min read

Dogs have excellent hearing. They can hear sounds as high as 47,000 to 65,000 Hz, whereas an average human cannot hear sounds above 25,000 Hz. Everyday noises like the sound of a vacuum cleaner or power drill may seem normal for humans, but they can be distressing for dogs.

While it is common for dogs to fear some noises, the fear is excessive enough to be classified as a phobia in some pets. They express fear by whining, shivering, barking, tucking their tail between the legs, or cowering under the table. In extreme cases, the fear could also cause destructive chewing or defecating indoors.

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In some pets, noise phobia can be an inherited trait. It is common for dogs to fear loud booming noises like thundershowers, gunshots, and fireworks. Similarly, herding breeds like German shepherds and collies are sensitive to noise because they are attuned to the environment.

If your pet is displaying some of these symptoms, here’s how you can help your pooch.

Don’t Make a Fuss

You may be tempted to coddle your dog when they are upset. But your dog could think that means there’s something to worry about, and fear is normal. Instead, act as if whatever is causing the anxiety is not an issue. Pets pick up the owner’s emotions, so make sure to keep calm. If you are afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks, your pet could develop an aversion to these sounds.

Desensitize Your Pet to the Sound

Another method is to desensitize your dog to the sound. CLIX noise and sound CDs are prerecorded sounds for dogs that you can play when the pet is relaxed and happy. Start by playing the CD at a low level and gradually increase the sound. If your pet reacts negatively, you’re probably playing the CD too loudly. Play the CD as frequently as possible and in places where the sound is likely to originate. Desensitizing is a slow process that requires patience, but it can help pets tolerate noise.

Try Alternative Therapies

CBD oil for dogs can help anxiety and noise-related phobia. Researchers have found that CBD can help to calm the pet. But exercise caution when buying CBD for dogs. Since the market isn’t regulated, you could end up buying products that have a lot of unwanted elements like metals and pesticides. Look for products that have a Certificate of Analysis to determine the quality and purity of the CBD.