November 19, 2019 3 min read

Like many other species of animals, dogs are polyphasic sleepers, meaning they sleep at multiple different intervals across the day. It is normal for a dog to sleep anywhere from ten to fourteen hours a day, depending on their home environment, diet, and lifestyle. Because their sleep intervals are not exactly in line with people’s, it means that they may be awake for a portion of the night while their owners are asleep. This might not be a problem for many owners, as their dogs can simply relax or spend time alone, but for many dog owners, their dogs have trouble making it through the night alone. Some dogs also have trouble sleeping for fixed periods of time because of poor diet, lack of exercise, or generalized anxiety.

King Kanine is here to help people whose dog is not sleeping at night. We can educate you as to how to help your dog sleepmore healthily, so you no longer have a restless dog at night. Keep reading for more information!

How to Help a Dog Not Sleeping At Night

Why is my dog not sleeping at night?

Many dog owners come to us asking this question. Over time, they notice that their dogs are spending the night anxiously on their own, either trying to wake their people up so that they’re not alone or making a mess that is going to cause a headache when their family wakes up the next day. If you have a dog not sleeping through the night, it probably means that there are lifestyle changes that can be made ASAP.

First, be sure to ask yourself: does my dog have a sleeping routine? Keeping your sleeping routine consistent on a night to night basis is a great way for your dog to learn when he or she should start settling down as well. If you go to sleep one night at 8 pm and the next night at midnight and keep up this haphazard schedule for a long period of time, your dog is bound to be confused and will not abide by any ideal sleep schedule.

How to help your dog sleep

Keeping a solid sleep routine is not the only way to help your dog remain restful throughout the night. One major thing many dog owners forget is to maintain a consistent exercise schedule throughout the day. Most breeds need to run around for at least a half-hour every day, otherwise, they get stuck with pent up energy that can keep them up through the night. If you are too busy at work or other responsibilities, consider asking a friend or hiring a dog walker to come by and give your dog the exercise it needs. Anything less than a healthy exercise schedule is going to cause problems for your dog when it comes to sleep time.

Where does your dog sleep at night?

During the daytime, we know that dogs are prone to sleeping anywhere and everywhere they can. We find them underneath the kitchen tables, on the couch, and sometimes in our bedrooms. For dogs not sleeping at night, though, it is important for dog owners to keep in mind where their dogs sleep during the evening. While it might be tempting to let your dog sleep in the bed with you, many studies point to this being a problem for dogs and their people alike. Either you struggle to stay asleep because of the way the dog rolls around in bed, or the dog finds itself uncomfortable next to one or more people. It is a smart idea for owners of dogs not sleeping through the night to have a dedicated sleep-space for their dogs, even if that is on the floor right next to their beds. Consider purchasing a comfortable dog bed that is cushioned or fluffy, and leave a toy nearby that you know can calm your dog.

How to Help a Restless Dog Sleep at Night

More ways to help dogs not sleeping at night

It is always a good idea to speak with your veterinarian or a trusted pet expert when you are facing problems with your dog’s health or lifestyle. Many vets will recommend proper training and socializing from a young age, that way the dogs become accustomed to your lifestyle and adapt to it easily. Unfortunately, that advice doesn’t work for all dogs, and some need to rely on medication or all-natural, organic tonics that calm their nerves and leave them feeling relaxed for an extended period of time. King Kanine stocks some of the best organic relaxation tonics on the market -- CBD oils, edibles, or topicals -- for dogs restless at night, and more and more research points to the potential of CBD to help anxious dogs lead a healthier life.

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