December 03, 2019 4 min read

For a long time, it has been depicted in the media and entertainment that cats and dogs do not get along and never will. Many people have had experiences that support this idea, except the reality is, these experiences do not mean cats and dogs cannot get along. Cats and dogs can be great friends and cohabitate healthily with each other as long as they have dedicated and patient owners who know how to pair the two animals, when to bring them together, and when to take them apart.

In this blog, King Kanine will explain how to get a dog and cat to like each other, and we will also answer questions like how to stop a dog from chasing a cat, that way owners can have a little bit more of a peaceful home life. Keep reading!

Will my cat and dog ever get along?

This is a popular question for pet owners who have not properly introduced their cats and dogs to one another. Of course, this isn’t always the owner’s fault. Sometimes, despite active socialization and exposure, two particulars animals will not get along. They’re like people in that way. Still, there are plenty of things that can be done when it comes to how to get a dog and cat to like each other.

The first thing owners should do is take their pets’ personalities into account. If an owner happens to have a resident dog in the home who tends to like being on their own most of the time, they might have a harder time getting used to a new cat than a dog who likes to socialize and play throughout the day. Alternatively, if owners have a resident cat in the home, it is likely that they will not be immediately prepared to share their space, and owners will have to be careful to introduce their new dog to the home in such a way that the cat does not feel like his space is being treated upon too quickly.

How to get a dog and cat to like each other - Phases

How to Get Dogs and Cats to Like Each Other

Early on, owners should be sure to give each pet their own space. They should feel comfortable moving around in this space, and the space should be filled with their toys, their food, and their water bowls. Let them know that this is their safe space that they can return to after venturing out.

Next, owners should introduce the pets’ scents to each other. Keep the animals separated by a door or partition so that they can smell each other but not see each other. Dogs and cats are big on their sense of smell, and getting acquainted to a scent and becoming comfortable with it goes a long way in making them feel comfortable with whatever it is producing the scent.

When the pets first meet, owners should consider having their dog on the leash, that way they can’t act on their immediate impulses, which in many cases are to run toward the cat. Cats are careful creatures who like to observe their environment from every angle before they feel comfortable living and playing within it. Dogs can ruin that patient process with their uninhibited personalities, which is why owners should stay vigilant when introducing the animals to each other.

How to stop a dog from chasing a cat

In order to make a dog quit chasing a cat, owners should consider giving their dog ample playtime outside. The more they run around on their own and exercise as their bodies require, the less they will feel the need to chase a cat around the house. Likely, because cats are such observant creatures, they will even watch the dog play outside, which will get them accustomed to the play habits of the dog. This can make it easier for them to adapt once the dog is back inside the home alongside them.

As more and more time goes on, it is likely that the two animals will get used to each other and become comfortable living in the same home, if not become friends. Exposure is key in the formation of all relationships, and the way in which owners expose their pets to one another will set the foundation for the relationship to come. Owners should keep their dog’s and cat’s toys and food bowls in separate rooms, and they should also be considerate of their cat’s litter box, that way the dog doesn’t come in and make a mess where they don’t belong.

For more information on how to get a dog and cat to like each other, be sure to speak with your veterinarian or a pet expert here at King Kanine. Our dedicated team members can point you in the direction of all-natural, organic products that have the potential to ease an animal’s mood and make them more comfortable in their environment.

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