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An Overview of CBD Dog Treats

CBD oil has been shown to benefit dogs who are suffering from a variety of health issues, including cancer, anxiety, inflammation, and poor appetite. Many pet owners have started dosing their pets with CBD, but find that dropping raw oil onto a dog’s gums or slipping it into their food does not always work according to plan.


For this reason, many brands that offer CBD products for dogs have started offering CBD-infused dog treats.

Though CBD dog treats are becoming a popular item among pet owners, it’s important to be informed about CBD dog treats, how they work, how dosing works, and what to look for when researching reputable companies to buy from.

The Benefits of CBD Dog Treats

One of the key benefits of CBD dog treats lies in their ease of dispensing. Rather than having to drop CBD oil onto your dog’s gums, a CBD dog treat can be given like a regular dog treat. By administering CBD oil this way, your dog will feel like they’re being rewarded, and they’re more likely to swallow all of the oil within the dog treat.

Side Effects

Generally, CBD oil and CBD-infused dog treats do not present any long-term side effects. However, if your dog is not accustomed to the CBD dose they’re being given, he or she may become sleepy, somewhat lethargic, and possibly nauseated. These side effects are generally short-lived, but to maintain your dog’s comfort, it’s a good idea to carefully experiment with dosing when you’re choosing the best CBD treats for dogs.

CBD Oil VS CBD Dog Treats - What’s the Difference?

Both CBD oil and CBD dog treats contain CBD, but the consistency of each source differs. CBD oil is an oily substance, as the name suggests, while CBD dog treats are solid food pieces that are infused with CBD oil. Both items satisfy the same purpose, but many pet owners choose treats due to how easy they are to dispense.

Advantages of Treats Over Oil

The best CBD treats for dogs will come with several advantages over standard CBD oil. A CBD dog treat will be easy to give to a dog, ensuring that the entire dose of CBD oil is absorbed. In addition, CBD dog treats taste better than CBD oil alone, so dogs will usually respond more favorably to a treat.

CBD Dog Treat Dosage

The number of CBD treats you should give your dog will depend on several things. While your pet’s weight and size are key components, they are not the only factors to consider as you plan your pet’s CBD dose. You’ll also want to consider your dog’s overall health, metabolism, and the reason behind CBD treatment.

For example, if you’re administering CBD dog treats for pain, your dosing may not be the same as it would be if you were administering CBD dog treats for anxiety.

The best CBD treats for dogs will usually have dosing suggestions printed on the treat container so that you have an idea about where you should start.

CBD Dog Treat Dosage

Remember, when determining the correct dose for your dog, start with a small dose and gradually increase as you gauge your pet’s tolerance.

What To Look for While Choosing the best CBD treats for dogs

There is a wide variety of CBD dog treats available on the market today, there are several things you’ll want to confirm about potential brands when learning how to choose CBD dog treats that will benefit your pet’s health.

  • Veterinarian-Formulated-The best CBD treats for dogs will have been created under the direction of a veterinarian, so you’ll want to choose a brand of treats that are veterinarian-formulated.
  • THC-Free-There have yet to be studies that confirm THC’s animal safety rating, so when you’re shopping for CBD dog treats, it’s wise to ensure that you’re buying a pure product. The best CBD treats for dogs will be free from THC.
  • Effectiveness- Depending on the reason behind your pursuit of CBD treatment, you may want to read through the conditions that specific brands treat. CBD, in general, is very effective, but if you happen to come across specialized CBD dog treats for cancer or CBD dog treats for arthritis, you might want to purchase this higher grade of CBD treatment.
  • Hemp Source-A reputable company will display the source of their hemp products on their website, packaging, or package documentation. This way, customers can always be aware of where their products are coming from.
  • The company's processing facility and whether they meet FDA guidelines-A reputable CBD dog treat company will have information available about the processing facility it uses. Additionally, FDA information should be easy to find on either the treat packaging or the company’s website.
  • Available in Various Strengths-The best CBD treats for dogs will come in a variety of strengths, which will be beneficial depending on the condition you’re treating. For example, your CBD dog treats for fireworks anxiety may need one strength while CBD dog treats for inflammation may need to be stronger.
  • Third-Party Lab Tested-The best CBD treats for dogs will have been tested by a third-party lab to determine their quality and efficacy. Look for lab information on the company’s website or dog treat package.
  • Does the company sell full-spectrum, isolate extract, or broad-spectrum products?- You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the variety of CBD spectrum items available and determine whether the dog treat company you’re considering sells products in the spectrum you’re looking for.
  • Does the company give usage and dosing instructions?-When determining how to choose CBD dog treats, it’s a good idea to look for usage or dosing suggestions on the packaging. A reputable company will advise customers on how to go about dosing their pets.
  • Designed for any animal but dogs-If you’re looking for CBD treats for your dog, you’ll want to choose a product that was formulated specifically for dogs. When a product is designed for dogs specifically, you can rest assured that your dog’s condition and metabolism have been considered in the making of the product.
  • Full of fillers or artificial flavors-When you’re considering how to choose CBD dog treats, it’s a good idea to choose products that are made naturally rather than those made with artificial flavors and filler ingredients.
  • Brand Reputation-Look for third-party reviews for the company you’re considering. While the reviews on their site may be legitimate, you’re more likely to find honest reviews on third-party review sites.
  • Price Value-Don’t buy cheaply-made CBD products, as cheap CBD treats are a clear indication that the product is poor in quality. You do not have to buy the most expensive CBD treats, but pricing for each product should be realistic.
  • Does the company clearly explain what CBD is, how CBD works etc.?- One great way to decide how to choose CBD dog treats involves the accessibility of information on the brand’s site. A reputable brand will want customers to be well-informed about how their product is intended to work.
  • Customer Reviews-Realistic reviews are great indicators of a high-quality brand. If every review on their site is exceedingly high, and the reviews are written too technically, it’s a sign you’re looking at fake reviews. Look for honest, candid reviews from several sources.

Where To Find CBD Dog Treats

There are plenty of brands that sell CBD dog treats, both online and in physical stores. They’re fairly easy to find, but it’s important to research your options before purchasing a product. Not all CBD dog treats are created equally, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re buying the best CBD treats for dogs before dispensing the product to your pet.

How To Know If A CBD Company Is Reputable

It’s not uncommon to feel a little overwhelmed when you’re examining your CBD dog treat options. If you’d like to ensure that you’re purchasing CBD dog treats from a reputable company, there are a few steps you can take to narrow down your brand choices.

  1.  Ask your veterinarian for recommendations-In some states, a veterinarian can recommend CBD-infused products for pets, so it’s worth asking your dog’s doctor about what he/she thinks.
  2.  Take a look at the company's website-A professional, reputable website will take the time needed to create a sleek, responsive website.
  3.  Google Search the Company-There’s almost nothing you can’t find on Google. Looking up the name of the company will likely provide you with any news articles or key pieces of information you’ll need to know.
  4.  Reviews-Reading reviews from pet owners just like you can help you decide if this company is trustworthy.
  5.  Product Testing-Reputable companies will have product testing information readily available on their website, the product packaging, or package inserts.
  6.  Does the company’s website address the science of CBD?-Reputable companies will offer information about CBD so that customers are informed about the substance and its purposes before buying a product.

Why King Kanine Has the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Each product in King Kanine’s catalog undergoes a rigorous production and quality-testing procedure to ensure we're delivering the greatest hemp-based products for your pets. Our CBD is derived from industrial hemp grown solely in the United States, in strict accordance with local and federal regulations.

Our CBD oils are produced in an FDA-approved facility that is GMP and ISO-90001 certified. Finally, a third-party lab tests each of our goods to assure purity, potency, and overall quality. All King Kanine products are made from natural ingredients that are free from pesticides.

Our CBD Dog Treat Options

King Kanine offers three different DBC dog treat options, so that pet owners can introduce different flavors to their pets. Each treat type is made with natural ingredients and contains both vitamins and Omega-3s that will benefit your dog’s overall health.

KING KALM™ Crunch - Apple Cinnamon

KING KALM™ Crunch - Apple Cinnamon

The Apple Cinnamon flavor is mild enough to not irritate your pet’s gums but bold enough to be sweet and highly palatable. In addition to being CBD infused, KING KALM treats contain vitamins and Omega-3s that dogs need.

KING KALM™ Crunch - Blueberry

KING KALM™ Crunch - Blueberry

The Blueberry flavor is rich and fruity, made with all-natural ingredients that have been formulated by King Kanine’s own Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist. Each treat is CBD infused and high in nutritional value.

KING KALM™ Crunch - Honey Oats

KING KALM™ Crunch - Honey Oats

The Honey Oat flavor offers more of a natural, sweet flavor for pets who are more partial to oats than fruit. They’re natural, pleasantly-flavored options for CBD dosing.


If your dog is affected by a health condition that CBD oil can treat, you’re probably curious, if not already interested, in starting your pet on a CBD oil regimen. To make dosing easier for yourself and your pet, you might want to try CBD dog treats.

Give any one of our all-natural, CBD dog treat flavors a try. We’re sure your dog will love the flavor, the sense of reward, and the relief from the health conditions they’re living with.

CBD treatment

Ask your pet’s veterinary doctor about CBD treatment at your next visit. This way, you can begin CBD treatment under the guidance of a professional who is already familiar with your dog’s health.