January 15, 2020 4 min read

More than a few dog owners have experienced the trouble of calming a dog during a thunderstorm. Spending the majority of their time indoors, lots of dogs tend to be extremely fearful and anxious when a storm hits. They can even become anxious before the storm hits, as their keen senses can pick up on one coming in. If you are a dog owner and have experienced the problem of your dog becoming frantic when a strong thunderstorm or windstorm comes into town, it’s important to know that there are ways of easing the situation for the both of you, and King Kanine is here to help.

In this blog we’ll talk about how to calm a dog during a thunderstorm, what causes dog thunderstorm anxiety, and also describe products that can help calm a dog down in these situations, including a dog thunderstorm jacket and dietary supplements like CBD oil, edibles, and topicals. Keep reading to learn about it all!

How to Calm a Dog During a Thunderstorm

When a dog becomes anxious about a storm approaching, the symptoms are pretty obvious to pick up on. Dogs will ordinarily whine, hide in specific places in the house where they feel sheltered and safe, or they may follow you around so that they’re never alone. Our first point will focus on this -- being with your dog when the storm hits. Of course, it can’t always be that you’re able to be home with your dog during a storm, but being able to do so reinforces in them a feeling of safety, and by observing your behavior during a storm, they’ll likely be able to adapt and learn how to handle themselves for future storms. The last thing dog owners need is to come home after a storm and find their furniture was torn up and their things strewn about. If your pet suffers from dog thunderstorm anxiety, spend time with them and let them know they’re safe.

More Tips on Calming a Dog During a Thunderstorm

There are more than a few things you can do to ease your dog’s stress when a storm is overhead. First, try to distract the dog from the external environment. Find their favorite toy and play with them, whether that is fetch or having a tug-of-war. Keep them occupied with objects and activities you know they enjoy, and hopefully, their attention will turn away from the thunder and lightning outside and toward the connection they have with you and your family.

Another good tip is to produce noise within the home that can compete with the noise outside. Consider turning on the television to a loud volume and playing a TV show or movie, or put on your favorite record and get comfortable with your pet. Creating a cozy environment and turning the object of attention in the room from the outside world to the inside can make a huge difference. Dogs are adaptive animals and will try to mimic the behavior of their families, as long as the behavior is positive and supportive.

Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety - CBD For Dogs and Thunderstorm Jackets

Use a Dog Thunderstorm Jacket

Many pet owners also recommend the use of calming jackets that are easy for dogs to wear and which provide constant, gentle pressure on their bodies. The feeling is similar to swaddling an infant, and a lot of evidence points to the efficacy of these jackets when working dogs who become anxious during storms. These jackets are generally inexpensive and can be purchased in many different sizes, meaning there will be something for a Chihuahua and Great Dane alike. If you have tried a number of different calming activities and have yet to find success calming a dog during a thunderstorm, one of these jackets might be exactly what you’re looking for. But that’s not the only product that can help…

Include Natural, Organic Supplements in Their Diets

For dog owners who have tried everything and still don’t know how to calm a dog during a thunderstorm, another great option is including products like CBD oil or edibles in their dog’s diet. This all-natural, organic product, derived from the cannabis plant, is being shown in an increasing amount of research studies to have the potential to decrease stress and anxiety for dogs who are uncomfortable during storms. By interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system and manipulating neural pathways much in the way that antidepressants work, CBD is thought to have the potential to reduce stress levels in animals over an extended period of time.

If this interests you, consider getting in touch with one of the CBD pet experts here at King Kanine. Our inventory includes top-of-the-line CBD Oils and products that can be customized to every dog’s tastes and preferences. With few to no negative side-effects, the product is a great choice for dog owners learning how to calm a dog during a thunderstorm.

Have any more tips on how to calm a dog during a thunderstorm? Leave a comment for our community of readers below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.