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CBD or Cannabidiol is a type of Cannabinoid naturally produced by cannabis plants or hemp plants. Hemp seed oil, widely known as an essential oil, has been used for medicinal practices for centuries, along with the usage of medical marijuana. With their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, CBD products have shown nearly miraculous results in humans and other species of animals.

King K9 CBD for Dogs

Recently, the usage of CBD products like CBD oils and CBD pet products has become a more common part of canine care. The usage of full-spectrum CBD oil as veterinary medicine has been on the rise. So, what exactly does this miraculous, natural solution do for dogs? Should you be concerned about the usage as a pet parent? Is it safe to ingest? Find out all answers to your question, right here in this blog.

What does CBD do for dogs?

Just like human beings, dogs also have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies. This system, abbreviated as the ECS, produces a type of molecule called the endocannabinoid molecules. This substance is similar to other cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant.

In both dogs and human beings, this system regulates appetite, sleep, mood, pain, immune system, and much more. Endocannabinoids bind with two kinds of receptors (CB1 and CB2) in the brain and in the nervous system to stimulate the digestive, nervous, and immune systems.

The cannabinoids in the CBD products bind with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body to perform various functions in the body. For instance, this helps by promoting the increased production of endocannabinoids in the dog's body naturally to, in turn, eradicate inflammation, pain, anxiety, increase appetite, fix sleeping patterns, and much more.

But are CBD products safe for dogs?

Are CBD products safe for Dogs?

The cannabis plant produces different kinds of cannabinoids. The two main substances include Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol CBD. Both these substances tend to bind with CB1 and CB2 receptors and mimic the functions of the endocannabinoid in the bodies of vertebrates.

Healthy Dogs

To be sold legally, products like hemp oil, hemp seed oil, and CBD oil made primarily from the hemp plant have to have absolutely zero traces of THC.

While THC is what causes the 'high' or the 'buzz,' CBD has anti-inflammatory and calming properties. THC build-ups can act as toxic substances in the dog's body, while CBD in the pure form, with zero THC traces, is tolerated well by dogs. Anecdotal reports show that CBD has a lot of health benefits for dogs when used regularly.

Major ways CBD oil can help your Dog

So, how exactly does CBD work for dogs, and why should you be opting for a CBD treatment? Here are some major ways CBD oil made from the hemp plants can help dogs have a better life as truly healthy dogs;

Canine arthritis

Canine arthritis is a common problem in dogs where they suffer from severe pain in their joints due to arthritic inflammations.

Usually, the prescribed medicines for this disorder include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs and pain killers like Gabapentin. Unfortunately, both these medications have been known for damaging internal organs like the kidneys and liver of dogs and causing deterioration in joints and soft tissues.

This is exactly why many pet owners are especially concerned about using these medications for their dearest companions and the dogs tend to suffer more than they should.

CBD is known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties that come with no side effects, unlike the usual pharmaceutical drugs. CBD binds CB1 receptors in your dog's brain to stimulate the immune system to produce anti-inflammatory components in the body. CBD can also bind to the CB2 receptors associated with the central nervous system and the immune system. These receptors, in turn, help the body produce more cannabinoids naturally and reduce inflammation even more.

As a result of reduced inflammation in the most natural ways, you can expect miraculous results for your dog in a very short timeframe, without any supposed side effects.


As sad as it is, cancer is a very common phenomenon in most adult dogs. As with the traditional cancer treatments, most dogs undergo chemotherapy, surgeries, and medication which can be very tough for them.

Meanwhile, there has been continuous research about the effects of CBD oil on cancerous cells. Through many studies on both humans and rats, there has been evidence of CBD helping cancer patients by either blocking the growth of cancer cells, killing them all together, or making them weaker for the traditional treatments to work better.

CBD oil can also help reduce nausea caused by cancer treatments and cancer-related pain and inflammations.

Seizure disorders and Epilepsy

It's hard to see your loved ones suffering, especially when it is your dear four-legged companion. Seizures, caused by various disorders, can be scary to both dogs and humans.

Usually, the drugs used to treat seizures, the antiepileptic drugs, are known to be harmful to the internal organs in the long term. There is also no guarantee if the drugs will work on every dog or not, as many dogs, just like humans, maybe resistant to these drugs.

CBD has been found to decrease the frequency and intensity of seizures as CBD can potentially bind receptors in the brain. The binding can help reduce abnormal electric charges to the nervous system (the main reason for seizures) and thus, reduce seizures in epileptic dogs.


The major part of human consumption of CBD oil is for the reduction of pain, anxiety, and depression. CBD has also been used to successfully treat PTSD in children, along with symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. CBD, being a cannabinoid, can bind to the receptors to elevate mood and fix sleep cycles.

Anxiety can appear in dogs as fear, separation anxiety, sensory overload due to noise, and aggressive behavior. Using CBD oil for dogs can treat all these forms of canine anxiety.

Given directly into the mouth of the dog, CBD oil can start working in the dog's body in 5-20 minutes to lessen anxiety.

Pain management

Seeing your pet dog in excruciating chronic pain can be too stressful. But the usual painkillers that are prescribed for pain have harmful side effects. High-quality CBD oil, however, can help in managing chronic pain for your pets, especially d0gs.

As mentioned earlier, CBD can bind both the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your dog's brain and the central nervous system. This changes the way your dog's body reacts to the pain. CBD can also eradicate the issues that come with pain, such as insomnia and nausea.

With pain management for chronic pain, you can also help your dog with pain relief for acute pain from injuries by giving CBD orally.

Allergies and itching

Allergies and itching are very common things for dogs. However, these allergies are the biggest reason for frequent vet visits in the best-case scenario. And for the worst-case scenario, sadly, allergies and chronic itching are also one of the reasons for canine euthanasia.

CBD oil for dogs can be especially beneficial for allergies and itching. CBD can be used internally or externally to relieve the itch directly on the hotspots. Since the endocannabinoid system is found on the skin and inside the body, CBD can be used to treat skin conditions.


Many studies on human beings and lab animals suggest that the usage of CBD oil can help in bone health benefits, fighting infections, treating the inflammation in the gut, and much more.

The role of Dog owners in the usage of CBD for dogs

Pet owners worldwide, especially dog owners, have been vouching for CBD's effectiveness when it comes to healing and curing certain painful conditions in dogs. So, if you are a dog parent planning to give CBD treatment to your dog, there are certain things about the CBD oil dosage, quality, and other aspects that you should know about to finally choose CBD as an alternative medication. Here are some tips;

Choosing the right CBD product

Choosing a full or broad-spectrum CBD oil

When you decide to buy CBD oil for your pets, make sure you are choosing a full or broad-spectrum oil that contains essential cannabinoids other than CBD. These components include CBC or Cannabichromene and CBG or Cannabigerol.

While CBC has shown cancer-fighting properties, the potential to block out pain and inflammation, and positive effects on brain functions, CBG is known for being protective of nerve cells and eyes.

Making sure of CO2 extraction

The two common ways to extract hemp oil with pure CBD content include CO2 extraction and solvent extraction.

The CO2 extraction method uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to put pressure onto the hemp to extract oil with high and pure concentrations of CBD as CO2 doesn't react with the hemp or the extracted oils. The other method used solvents like petroleum products, propane, or butane to extract the oil. However, the residues from these solvents can make CBD oil toxic for dogs.

Make sure the product is third-party lab-tested

One of these most important things to make sure about the hemp oil you are buying is the fact that it has been lab-tested by a third party. To make sure it is, look for a certificate of analysis or COA. A COA contains the analysis of the oil and mentions all the cannabinoids and their amounts present in the oil accurately. In simple words, COA ensures transparency of the product.

Also, it is important to make sure that the product you are buying is FDA approved to make sure that it is ingestible for your pets. The ingestibility decides if the oil is for internal use or only for external use.

Don't shop by the cost, only

The best CBD oil for dogs might be a little expensive. For example, the product's purer and more concentrated versions, extracted through CO2 extractions, are bound to be costly. Meanwhile, the oil extracted through solvent extraction is pretty cheap. But the more affordable options might have components in them that can be toxic to your dearest pet.

So, make sure you aren't just buying the CBD oil that you are buying for a cheaper deal and ensure your pet's safety.

Choosing the right CBD dosage

If you are wondering how much CBD is enough for your dog, here's what you need to know.

CBD dosage for dogs is measured in milligrams. The dosage is calculated according to the body weight and the breed of the dog. Most Dog CBD oil vendors sell their products with a reference chart that mentions the right amount to give to your dog based on the calculations.


The dosage can be standard or medicinal. While the standard dosage that is given to maintain the general well-being of the dog can be given according to the chart (as the dosage is very low), medicinal dosages, to treat specific conditions, need to be executed with veterinary advice.


CBD oil can have miraculous effects on canine health and well-being. With more than enough research papers, case studies, and anecdotal data available about the health benefits of CBD, it is safe to say that CBD, as a natural and organic substance, can be a great supplement to other medications.

Just make sure to buy the best quality product, consult your vet before executing any treatment for your dog, and follow a reliable CBD oil for dog's guide to ensure a healthy and happy life for your canine companion.