August 04, 2020 3 min read

While none of us want to think about our pets being impacted by something as serious as cancer, statistics show that it is a very real thing to worry about for dog owners. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cancer studies have suggested some shocking realities. 

  • One-quarter of dogs will develop abnormal cell growth/tumors (neoplasia) at some point in their lives.
  • Nearly half of all dogs over the age of 10 will develop some form of cancer.
  • Depending on a dog’s breed, the likelihood of developing cancer may be increased (the highest rates impact Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes, Bichons, and Boxers)

Cancer is a complicated disease to treat in any living thing, and as such, there are a variety of different treatment options available. Treatments aim to not only reduce the progression of cancerous tumors but to kill cancerous cells and help the patient afflicted live a longer, healthier life. Because cancer treatment is often not a single standalone path, there are many different things a dog owner can do to supplement their pet’s treatment. 

CBD Supplements for Cancer in Dogs

Recently, pet owners and veterinarians alike have recognized the benefits of using CBD oil as a medical treatment for many animal-related afflictions. Fortunately, evidence shows that using CBD oil to treat cancerous tumors presents some benefit. While there is no established, proven cure for cancer, a well-developed treatment plan is more likely to help manage the illness than one with only a single treatment option. 

Because cancer treatment is often very complicated, veterinary professionals and pet owners have discovered that supplementing CBD oil into their pet’s cancer treatment plan not only helps combat the unpleasant symptoms associated with cancer, but also helps to reduce the side effects brought on by the current treatment

CBD oil helps reduce pain associated with both cancerous growth and treatment of the illness. In addition, CBD oil helps promote a healthy appetite and sleep schedule, so that the pet is better able to handle treatment.

Perhaps the best part of CBD supplementation is its ability to help fight the growth of dog tumors. When used along with a veterinarian’s recommended cancer treatment, CBD can increase the pet’s chances of survival due to the oil’s capacity to initiate cell suicide in diseased cells. This means that along with the use of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, CBD helps attack cancerous cells and reduce the spread of tumors.

CBD As A Treatment For Dog Tumors

CBD as a Treatment for Dog Tumors

CBD oil should not be suggested or used as a single treatment for cancer in dogs, but it’s definitely worth considering as a supplementary treatment option. Because cancerous tumors are aggressive and can spread quickly, it’s important to have as many bases covered as possible when designing a cancer treatment plan. Studies have shown significant evidence of CBD oil benefiting individuals with cancer in a number of ways, both in human and animal patients.

In addition to improving a dog’s appetite and sleep schedule, CBD oil can also help boost the pet’s immune system so that there is more power behind the body’s disease-fighting capabilities. For one, CBD oil has been shown to reduce oxidative stress in dogs, which is an important element of immune function and the ability to target diseased cells. Furthermore, CBD oil encourages gut health and proper digestion, both of which are associated with a healthy immune system. 

CBD and Medication Support

Aside from providing an array of natural benefits, CBD oil is also a very well-rounded supplement. Instead of causing unpleasant interactions with the cancer medication that a pet is already taking, CBD oil has been shown to work well alongside current cancer medications. The oil’s anti-tumor properties are not only impressive on their own, but studies suggest that it also helps improve the effectiveness of the cancer-fighting medications prescribed in treatment.

For example, using CBD oil alongside radiation therapy can make it to where the radiation has a better effect. In addition, radiation therapy doses can be reduced without reducing the effectiveness of the medication. With this reduction, the radiation therapy is more able to target dog tumors without as many harmful side effects. When an effect is improved upon, less medication is needed per dose, and less damage is done to the healthy cells in the body as a result. 

Pet owners considering CBD oil supplementation in their dog’s cancer treatment plan should first discuss their options with the pet’s veterinary doctor in order to make the most informed decision. CBD oil can help improve the effectiveness of cancer medications, but it’s important to use it as responsibly as possible, along with a veterinary doctor’s professional advice.

Though CBD oil is not a cure for cancer, the medical benefits it presents when weighed with the lack of negative side effects make this supplement well worth considering in a dog’s cancer treatment.