September 02, 2019 4 min read

As the CBD industry continues to grow, more and more people are wondering whether CBD oil for dogs a good idea? How about CBD oil for cats, and CBD oil for animals at large? As it turns out, CBD has huge potential to help people and animals alike, given its natural medicinal properties which can be utilized for a variety of mental and physical issues. It should come as no surprise then, that the industry is turning equally in favor of our canine and feline friends, as they, like us, suffer from maladies which can be eased, if not cured, by CBD products.

That said, is there a difference between CBD oil for dogs and CBD for people? In the following paragraphs, we’re going to break down the effects of CBD on animals and people, and you’ll get a solid understanding of how to approach CBD products when it comes to buying for you and your pets.

CBD oil for dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs and Humans - CBD For Animals and Humans - Is There a difference

Just like for humans, CBD carries no psychoactive effects for dogs, meaning they won’t experience anything like Dave Chapelle and friends experienced in their famous comedy, Half Baked. On the contrary, CBD has huge medicinal benefits for dogs. For one, CBD oils and other products can go far in treating inflammation in animals, an issue that becomes all the more common as a dog continues to age. Pain associated with inflammation in the joints is thought to be greatly reduced with the use CBD oil for pets, which is important if you want to give your dog the most comfortable life possible while they’re with you.

Additionally, CBD for animals is known to play a role in the reduction of anxiety disorders, just as it is for anxiety disorders in people. This may not happen with a single dose, but by building CBD oil into a dog’s diet, the cumulative effect is known to take dogs off edge and make them feel a little bit calmer during the day. Consider how helpful this can be if you have a dog who is afraid of loud noises, like thunderstorms, doors opening, and closing, or even the vacuum cleaner. Incorporating CBD into their diets will leave them feeling much more comfortable with these noises, and that may take you, as their owner, off edge as well.

More CBD oil benefits for dogs

Another medically beneficial effect CBD has for dogs is the reduction of seizures. It is estimated that between 5 and 10% percent of dogs suffer from a form of seizure disorders, a very difficult ailment for a pet to live with. CBD was first found to have an ameliorative effect in this area for humans, but its findings have since been expanded to dogs and even cats. The neurological processes by which CBD reduces seizures is complicated, but it is well-documented in the medical and veterinary community that the cannabinoid compound can do a great deal in relieving these disorders for people and animals alike.

CBD Oil for Cats - CBD For Animals and Humans - Is There a difference

CBD oil for cats

In the same way that it is helpful for dogs, CBD oil can also be extremely helpful for our little feline friends, as well. While the dosing recommendations may be different, benefits are still known to be found. Some conditions in cats which can be treated with CBD products are listed below:

● Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Cats with this condition often have poor and/or painful digestion due to a number of factors. CBD oil for cats can reverse symptoms like loss of weight, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and more.
● Pancreatitis: CBD can go a long way in reducing inflammation in the pancreas, as it is helpful in minimizing fat consumption.
● Arthritis: As cats age, their joints can begin to ache due to inflammation in their joints. This happens with dogs and people as well. CBD is a great anti-inflammatory compound, in addition to having pain reduction properties, and is thus a good product to use if your cat is suffering from this condition.
● Cancer: While studies proving this are indeed limited, there is increasing research that CBD has anti-cancer properties in people, dogs, and cats alike. Keep up to date on the research being published in medical journals to find out if this is a good idea for your pet.
● Asthma: Asthma is an inflammatory disease in cats that has damaging effects on their respiration. As CBD oil for cats can help reduce inflammation overall, it is also thought to be able to reduce the uncomfortable aspects of asthma, as well.

CBD oil for animals

Because CBD is still relatively new in today’s medical market, many of its benefits are still not known. That said, an increasing amount of research testifies to the positive effects it can have on people and animals alike. While there understandably continues to be more robust research and findings in the human realm, much of those findings are being appreciated by veterinarians for what CBD can do for animals. Perhaps the main difference between CBD oil for animals and people comes down to dosing, which is best discussed with a medical professional.

If you’re interested in buying CBD oil for dogs or other pets, check out the range of products available on the market and contact King Kanine for expert assistance.