November 01, 2022 7 min read

We know you are also distressed if your furry friend is in pain or is suffering from anxiety. Dog owners worldwide look for the best alternatives to treat their dogs and puppies. While we have a lot of skilled veterinarians, the medicines they prescribe may have side effects.

This situation is where many are opting for a more natural solution. CBD oil and other CBD pet products are natural and specifically designed to help your dogs and pups relieve pain and manage anxiety.

Young dogs are delicate, so understandably, you are worried about the safety of using CBD products and their effects on their health. We’ll answer most of the questions related to the safety of CBD oil in this article.

But first, let us understand what CBD oil is and why it is getting popular lately.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD pet oil is an all-natural medicine extracted from the hemp plant and marijuana plants, in which this compound is found in abundance

While it is still under research, many pet owners who have used CBD oil for their furballs mostly have good things to say. The oil is excellent for improving your puppy's daily life. Pain relief, proper sleep, and relief from anxiousness are some of the best benefits of using CBD oil for dogs and puppies. You can feed the pups CBD oil or apply it to their skin to treat skin conditions.

Will it make my puppy high?

I am sure the moment you read the word “cannabis,” you must be wondering if it will make your puppy high. In other words, does it have psychoactive properties? The answer is no. Let us introduce a new compound to you - THC.

THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, is another compound derived from cannabis plants and is available in high concentrations in marijuana plants. THC causes a euphoric effect and is responsible for making those who consume it feel high.

The concentration of THC in CBD oils has been permitted at 0.3% or less. So your puppy won’t have any psychoactive effects after consuming a pet CBD oil.

Endocannabinoid system

To understand how CBD oil works its magic, we need to understand the endocannabinoid system, which is a ubiquitous part of the central nervous system. The ECS system of a dog is a neurotransmitting system. It sends signals to the brain from the rest of the body and vice-versa.

Since ECS is a neurotransmitter, it can influence a lot of functions in the body. Every mammal produces cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. Cannabinoids are compounds that interact with the ECS receptors or the cannabinoid receptors, thus ensuring the proper functioning of the ECS system. When the system fails to perform its routine tasks, it causes problems for the dog. Its failure leads to inflammation and a weak immune response and affects the dog’s emotions. They may feel depressed and sad or even anxious. There are a million reasons why a dog can be depressed, and the improper functioning of ECS is one of them.

CBD extracted from the cannabis plant interacts with the endocannabinoid system to ensure that the system is functioning well. Hence it helps with allergies, anxiety, and other problems caused due to the failure of the ECS system.

This is the secret behind the medicinal properties of CBD oil.

Why do I need to use CBD oil for puppies?

Natural medicines are always better because the chances of them showcasing horrific side effects or adverse reactions are minute. Veterinary medicine is sure to give the results but can also lead to severe consequences later.

In addition, CBD oil's therapeutic benefits make it a must-try for your furry friends.

Research is going on to discover more health benefits of CBD oil. Following are some of the benefits of CBD oil we know of from the existing research and experience of pet owners.

Manage anxiety

Many dogs have anxiety issues. As said in this report, dogs adopted or bought during the pandemic are more likely to have significant anxiety and other related problems.

One of these types could be separation anxiety. Puppies or dogs don’t like being separated from their owners, much like how infants don’t like being separated from their parents. You must have observed that your puppy looks gloomy when you leave the house. Many even try to prevent you from going. This interference or emotion is a sign of separation anxiety.

Anxiety can make it difficult for you to leave the house for your daily business. Moreover, your puppy can develop major health issues if it's not treated well and on time.

CBD oil has calming effects and efficiently helps in managing anxiety. CBD oil may start working within 30 minutes, and the effects last up to 6 hours. So till you come back home from work, your dog can stay at home in peace.

Anti-inflammatory properties

You cannot stop puppies from exploring their new home and messing around on the lawn. And you cannot stop allergens from attacking your little puppy, leading to inflammation in various parts of the dog’s body. They can get very restless and might face trouble due to inflammation.

CBD oil for dogs has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the swelling, redness, and other discomfort caused by allergic reactions.

Pain relief

Injuries are prevalent among puppies and dogs. They trip over many things as they walk, run, and play with you. Healing the injuries might take time. But till they do, you can help your dogs by reducing their discomfort using CBD oil. CBD oil won’t help treat wounds; however, it will act as a pain killer. The puppy won’t feel the pain of the injury for as long as the effect of CBD oil remains.

Seizure disorders

Abnormal electrical activity in a dog's brain results in a seizure. Numerous factors, such as kidney dysfunction, unbalanced blood sugar levels, and others, might cause this disruption.

CBD oil may lessen the occurrence of and cures epilepsy. It combats free radicals and lowers neuronal activity, reducing seizures and severe anxiety.

Lower blood pressure

Inflammation of arteries and veins can interrupt the proper blood flow from the heart to all body parts and vice-versa. CBD oil reduces inflammation and relaxes veins and arteries, improving blood flow. It results in lowered blood pressure.

Helps dogs with nausea

Your puppy's nausea may be brought on by disease, fatigue from increased physical activity, or disease recovery. CBD oil can help reduce nausea in puppies and dogs.

What is the permitted age for CBD oil consumption in dogs?

There are no age limits to the use of CBD oil. You can feed it to a 1-year-old pup as well as a 9-year-old adult dog. Dog CBD oil has similar effects on senior dogs as well as young puppies.

Having said that, before introducing CBD oils to your pup, you should do the following things.

  • Consult a veterinarian before starting the CBD dose. Although rarely, their bodies may not be compatible with CBD. So it is always a good idea to have a word with a professional.
  • Buy the best CBD oil from a trusted source. The product's quality matters when trying to achieve good results. Businesses follow all laws related to the manufacturing of CBD oil. Hence it is better to buy from a well-known manufacturer.
  • Start with a small amount of CBD oil. Observe how their body reacts to it. If they are not feeling perfectly fine, you can increase the amount.

Will it have any side effects?

Puppy CBD is absolutely safe for puppies and can help improve their life. Just like any medicine, CBD has some side effects too. You can observe side effects like dizziness, lethargy, upset stomach, vomiting, dry mouth, and diarrhea. The good news is that the side effects are not very serious.

CBD Overdose

Apart from the side effects, you are probably worried about the overdose. It is difficult to determine the exact amount and time of the dose. Most pet owners observe their pets and change to dosage accordingly.

Overdose is likely to happen when introducing CBD oil to your puppy. It is hard to determine the dosage in the initial stage. Therefore, you must constantly check your dog’s health after giving them CBD oil for the first time.

If they sleep more or feel lazy, it might indicate a CBD overdose. CBD overdose is not fatal. The ECS receptors that interact with cannabinoids reject the extra cannabinoids, which are then removed from the body. So there is nothing to worry about. In this case, the ideal thing to do is wait for about a day. Give your puppy a lot of water to help dispose of the extra cannabinoids, and let them sleep for as long as needed.

After a day, the effects of the overdose should wear off. So if you see them feeling lazy or sleepy even after a whole day, please take them to a veterinarian.

To avoid overdose, start with a smaller amount. Observe and then adjust the amount.

What time should I administer the dosage?

When you should use CBD oil depends on why you bought it. You can feed them CBD oil, for instance, roughly 30 minutes before you leave the house if you want to lessen separation anxiety. Until you return, this ought to put them at peace.

Two times a day might be the ideal dose for pain relief. Another example will be giving a dose just before a car ride if they are scared of sitting inside a vehicle. Observation is the key here. Adjust the dosage and timings accordingly.

What to do if my puppy doesn’t like CBD oil?

Safety isn’t an issue with CBD oils as long as they are from a trusted brand. Feeding them is the bigger problem. They may not consume it directly or even when you mix it with their food.

In this case, you can use CBD dog treats. These are like any other chewable treats but infused with CBD oil. Feeding the treats is easier, and the puppies will love it.

Bottom Line

CBD treatment can enhance the life of your puppy. It can eliminate all discomfort and make it easier for them to live happily with you. You can feed CBD oil to dogs of any age. Your puppies will feel much better once they take a regular CBD oil dose.

I’ll repeat this, be on the lookout and observe for any unusual activity to find the correct dosage. Lastly, I recommend you consult your veterinarian before feeding them CBD oil.