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Cats are often described as mysterious creatures. Especially for people who don’t own them, deciphering the mood of a cat can seem like an impossible task. One moment a cat will be rubbing up against your leg, and the next it will be glaring at you from the top of the refrigerator. We’ll admit, that is a bit more difficult to understand than a dog’s behavior, but once you spend some time getting to know a cat, understanding their personality and range of moods isn’t as hard as one might have thought. In this blog, we’re going to explain how to tell if your cat is happy. Keep reading if you want to understand what behaviors are normal for happy cats.

1 - Solid Appetite

One of the most obvious signs your cat is happy is if he or she is eating. Animals that are suffering from a mental or physical problem tend to avoid eating with particular voracity. If a cat is in pain, they will probably hide in one of their special hideaways and curl up in a ball. They won’t come asking for food at their normal eating time, and if they do, they may not end up eating their entire bowl of food. If you want to know how to tell if your cat is happy, make sure you are observant when it comes to mealtime.

2 - Overall Health

A happy cat also tends to be one that is in relatively good shape. That doesn’t mean the cat can’t be overweight or have one or two common problems, but when they have a number of issues that go unchecked for too long, there is a strong likelihood there will be a toll on the cat’s happiness and wellbeing. Be sure to bring your cat to the veterinarian every few months. A good doctor will be able to explain how to tell if your cat is happy or not.

3 - Purring

One of the biggest signs your cat is happy is if he or she is purring. Purring is the universal cat sound for pleasure. Cats tend to purr when they are in really good moods, like when they’re being held or when they’re cuddling up beside their owners. That said, in rare circumstances, purring too often can sometimes be a sign of an injury. In these cases, it will likely be coupled with excessive grooming.

Signs of a Happy Cat

4 - Nice and Relaxed

A happy cat is more often than not one which looks relaxed at home. Agitation is easy to spot on a cat; it is visible in their eyes and in the way they interact with people and other pets. Frightened cats will often hide and avoid contact, or they will be pretty skittish when approached by even the most friendly of hands. If you want to know how to tell if your cat is happy, take a look at his or her general demeanor over the course of a few hours. If they seem chilled out, they’re probably feeling pretty good.

5 - Playful and Spirited

Another big sign your cat is happy is their tendency to play. Happy cats love to play with their owners or fellow pets. This might be obvious, as it applies to more than just cats. Happy dogs are more playful than sad dogs, and happy people are more playful than sad ones. One way to make this more obvious is by purchasing more toys for your cat to interact with. If he or she only has one toy, they may simply get bored of using it, and then you might mistakenly think they’re not in a playful mood. Give your cat as many opportunities to be as playful as possible.

6 - Eager to Greet You

How to tell if your cat is happy? Here’s an easy one question to ask: Is your cat eager to approach you in the morning when you wake up or when you return from work? If the answer is yes, more than likely you have a joyful cat on your hands. People often think of cats as antisocial creatures, and they can be more than dogs, but cats who are happy and who love their owners will let them know by waking them up (often gently, but it depends on the cat) or by rubbing up against their leg when they come in the door at night. Of course, if your cat is more antisocial than other cats, he or she may not behave this way, and in that case, there is no cause for alarm. For sudden behavior changes though, be sure to check in with your trusted veterinarian.

7 - Kneading

Happy cats often perform a behavior called kneading. This is special to cats and is not often exhibited in other happy animals. Many cat owners will know what this behavior looks like but don’t know what to call it. A cat who is in a good mood will often jump on the blanket and start pressing their paws into the blanket slowly and almost in a kind of happy abandon. Their eyes may close and they may purr at the same time. Cats like to knead when they’re getting cozy or when they’re settling in next to a loved one.

8 - Sleeping the Right Amount

Cats are prolific sleepers, and keeping an eye on how much your cat sleeps is a great thing to do if you want to know how to tell if their cat is happy or not. It is not alarming if a cat sleeps between ten to fourteen hours a day; after all, they are historically nocturnal animals. When they grow used to their owners’ schedules, though, they generally adapt, at least to a certain extent, and they will sleep for some hours during the night, on top of hours during the day. If your cat displays a healthy level of energy when he or she wakes up from sleeping, chances are you have a happy cat. If your cat is constantly sluggish or lethargic, is sleeping too much or too little, then they may be suffering from a health issue that should be checked immediately by a veterinarian. The sooner you get this looked at, the better.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Happy

How to Tell if Your Cat is Happy?

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