Inside South Florida TV Spot - September 27, 2023

September 27, 2023 3 min read

Inside SF Host (00:03):

Let's talk our dogs friends. What we feed our dogs has a huge impact on their overall wellbeing. And at King Canine, the goal is to provide the best and healthiest products for our dogs to thrive. King Canine co-owners, Lynette San Miguel and Jeff Ryman, join ISF to share how their products are revolutionizing the way we look at pet health. Jeff Lynette, welcome to Insights South Florida.

Jeff Riman (00:24):
Thank you for having us.

Inside SF Host (00:25):
I say time and time again here on this show. We are massive dog fans. If we could bring our dogs to work every day, life would be so good, and they have just enriched our lives. And that's what you guys do with King Canine. Give humans the tools to make their dogs better.

Jeff Riman (00:39):
We started with a de shedding tool and some grooming products. Our goal was really to have natural green, healthy products because we started to realize that on the pet space, there was not a lot of regulation. They were looking really for profits when they were creating these kind of products, and they weren't really looking for healthy products. And as for humans, as we start changing and getting healthier, we're looking at really quality-based products. People are doing the same things for their pets. And so we just continue in the same realm. What's the mission

Lynette San Miguel (01:07):
We formulate completely for our dogs first before we're ever going to put a product out in the market?

Inside SF Host (01:12):
How do you become a better pet

Jeff Riman (01:15):
Owner? I think being a better pet owner is really, it's about longer walks, stimulation, socialization, keeping your dog nutritionally sound. These are things that are going to keep a healthy dog. And the thing is, we want them to live a long time and have healthy pet owners.

Inside SF Host (01:29):
What is the biggest seller for you guys? That people come in and they're like, wow, I love this.

Jeff Riman (01:35):
Really, it's ama. It's across the board. We do really well because we've created problem solving products. I think the last few years, cannabidiol, hemp-based products have been really strong. People really start to understand the medical benefits of it, the therapeutic benefits.

Inside SF Host (01:49):
You mean with CBD?

Jeff Riman (01:51):

Lynette San Miguel (01:51):
CCB D has really fixed a problem that people were a little desperate when it comes to it, whether it's an anxiety, inflammation, joint. You have an older dog, they can't get up anymore, and all of a sudden you're like, what do you do? So instead of maybe going and getting pharmaceutical products, you may want something natural at home that also it's easier to travel with or whatnot. Or you can always leave them with a sitter and give them that. So that has really changed, I think, the market in the past 10, 15 years. And I think it'll continue to change because that it's easy, it's natural, and it's healthy, and it is just so many benefits of it.

Jeff Riman (02:24):
And people are trying to get away from the harsh pharmaceuticals for a dog. And the idea is to get away from that and use more natural product. And so I think CBDs kind of filled that need. Now, we don't really say we're ACBD company because we have so much more robust than that, but people are starting to understand the basics of holistics,

Inside SF Host (02:42):
Right? And that's one option that a pet parent can engage with. I'm fascinated. I think it's really cool. I'm always looking for the best for my pet. I'm sure our viewers are as well. How can we get the best for our pet?

Lynette San Miguel (02:53):
Well, very easy. Obviously we have our website, which is

Inside SF Host (02:58):
I love, it's two Ks. Love, love.

Lynette San Miguel (03:02):
Or of course, if you're local, you can always stop at, we're not a store, but we have an office that we welcome people all the time every week. So we love to meet our people and bring your dogs. We love that. So that's really how people reach us on social media. Obviously you can reach us as well,

Inside SF Host (03:16):
Lynette, Jeff, here's to our pet's health and everything you're doing. Thank you so much. Likewise.

Lynette San Miguel (03:19):
Thanks. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thanks

Inside SF Host (03:20):
For having us.