Works great on all shedding dogs!

King Komb Vs Furminator

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Using the King Komb™

You will need one pet that sheds or has lots of dander or sand from being outside.

Choose between the 34 rubberized bristles or the Patent Pending Triple Edges of DeShedding. Use short strokes going from neck to tail.

Repeat as needed and look at that shiny clean coat and notice the way less hair on the carpet and couch.

New & Improved!

***NEW*** The KING KOMB™ Plus - Is now 2 Kombs in one! (Patent Pending Triple Edges AND 34 Rubberized Bristles)

**Now with rubberized bristles for DeShedding, massaging and shampooing. Also use rubber Komb bristles to assist in the application of topical oils. Also great for removing hair off your furniture, car seats and almost anywhere your dogs or cats sit.

The KING KOMB™ is the Ultimate DeShedding tool that simultaneously removes excess fur, under coat and allergy triggering danders.

King Komb Vs Furminator

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