Pet Supplies for Australian Shepherd

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King Kanine has carefully curated top of the line pet supplies made for Australian Shepherds. Our pet care products are made with all-natural organic ingredients made specifically with your pet in mind. Our time-tested pet care products and grooming supplies for Australian Shepherds remain top sellers in the pet supply industry as veterinarians and pet owners continue to see the positive difference a King Kanine product can make in a dog’s life.



King Kanine provides different products based on a range of needs your Australian Shepherd may have.


 King Klean Dog De-shedding Shampoo is carefully formulated to help your Australian Shepherd look and feel their best. Our shampoo is all-natural and organically made with only six ingredients, giving you the peace of mind that your pet is not being exposed to the harsh chemicals and dyes that are often contained in other dog shampoos.


King Kalm CBD for Australian Shepherds is made with all-natural Cannabidiol from hemp and Copaiba Oil with DHA. King Kalm CBD Oil, Balm, and Sooth can all be administered in different ways depending on the preference of your Australian Shepherd. Owners everywhere continue to use our King Kalm CBD products to promote healthy joint mobility, relaxation, and good behavior in their Australian Shepherds. Our CBD products are professionally formulated and are known to have little to no negative side effects.


King Klean In-Between Bath Spray is an all-natural pet deodorizing spray for Australian Shepherds made to kill bacteria and germs that can cause odors between baths. This professionally formulated product offers a subtle scent of lemongrass that is sure not to overwhelm you or your dog. Our formula is also alcohol-free so you can be confident that King Klean In-Between Bath Spray will not dry out your pet’s skin.



We are confident that you and your Australian Shepherd will love our King Kanine Pet Supplies and Pet Grooming Products.