Coat, Shed & Soothe Kombo

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Do you need to relieve some hot spots, abrasions, dry areas, or just some plain ole' itching? Enjoy great savings with this Kombo purchase of the KING KLEAN Shampoo, KING KALM™ Soothe, and KING KALM™ Balm.  Includes one of each:


KING KLEAN -  16 Oz of our all natural and VOF (Vermont Organization of Farmers) Certified Organic canine shampoo. Only 6 Natural ingredients including, coconut, jojoba oil, rosemary oil & extract, organic aloe vera, and scented with natural lemon grass.

KING KALM SOOTHE - When it comes to skin abrasions, inflamed paws or irritated skin,  the all natural and normal inflammatory response properties of our cannabidiol infused nose paw and elbow balm is perfect. Our our signature CBD, Colloidal Silver and tea tree the anti-bacterial properties about as good as it gets.

KING KALM BALM - Protect those paw and keep the ice and freezing cold water out with the all natural beeswax, the healing properties of Manuka honey and moisturizing properties of all natural coconut.