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CBD Made for Great Pyrenees - Background Information

Temperamentally, the Great Pyrenees is known for being affectionate, patient, and caring, especially with children or vulnerable animals. They are extremely careful and loyal and will do just about anything to keep their owners happy. One potentially negative characteristic in the Pyrenees is stubbornness. The dogs are known for being independent and aloof at times and following their own directions. This makes it hard for some owners to train their dogs, which is why veterinarians recommend getting them started early, that way the dynamic between master and pet is set early on. Still, because the Pyrenees is technically a nocturnal canine, it tends to have occasional problems following orders and can be, from time to time, exceptionally loud outside. The great Pyrenees are prolific barkers, and neighbors will be well aware of their presence within the neighborhood. Sometimes referred to as satellite dogs, Pyrenees have the habit of walking around their property and barking constantly, just to let others know that this is their turf. 

CBD Oil for Great Pyrenees- Application

CBD for Great Pyreneesis becoming increasingly popular in the veterinary world for its potential ability to ease any temperamental issues the Pyrenees may be experiencing. By interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is thought to play a role in supporting a positive mood and behavior, as well as processing pain, CBD is thought to alleviate any mental discomfort patterns a dog might be experiencing. For aloof and sometimes stubborn breeds, such as the Pyrenees, CBD can potentially make listening and accepting information a little bit easier. It also might help control the dog’s genetic desire to bark throughout the night, making them a bit more neighborhood friendly. CBD can also help with a Pyrenees’ ability to socialize; while the breed is known to generally sociable, they can also be extremely shy with people other than the family. 

CBD Oil for Great Pyrenees Separation Anxiety

Because Great Pyrenees can grow quite attached to their owners, it is not uncommon for them to experience a mental discomfort condition calledGreat Pyrenees separation anxiousness when left alone. With some training early on, this problem can often be avoided, but for some dogs, more help is needed before they can feel comfortable enough to be on their own.CBD for Great Pyrenees can influence neural networks within the brain to the extent that the dog’s body will not become over-encumbered with mental discomfort.  Limiting these potential ailments with proper treatment early on is the way to go for owners of Great Pyrenees. 

How Much CBD for Great Pyreneesis Appropriate

Aside from being brushed every few days to limit their shedding, Great Pyrenees are relatively low-maintenance dogs who can often take care of themselves. Still, the breed does suffer from a number of mild to moderate health issues that need to be checked on from time to time and treated with proper means.This is important for big dogs who often experience trouble as a result of their size.CBD for Great Pyrenees is also thought to help with regard to how dogs process pain, making their symptoms more manageable and improving their overall well-being and lifestyle.

How much CBD for Great Pyrenees depends on the severity and consistency of the symptoms. We recommend taking a careful look at what your Pyrenees is suffering from and make an educated decision with the help of one of our pet experts here at King Kanine or your trusted veterinarian. King Kanine has a wealth ofCBD for Great Pyrenees products that your pup can enjoy, ranging fromCBD oil for Great Pyrenees to edibles and topicals as well. Incorporate these treats into your dog’s diet to improve their lifestyle today. If a flavored snack isn’t what you’re looking for, try aCBD-infused balm that can be used during grooming sessions. 

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Suggested Dose: Use the dosing chart included in the box (also posted above with product images). Administer 1-2 times a day. 


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