KING KALM™ CBD Oil 150mg Made for Chihuahuas

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King Kalm CBD Oil Made for Pets 150mg

KING KALM™ CBD Oil made for Chihuahuas is made with all-natural cannabidiol from hemp and infused with omega-3 rich krill oil. This 150mg CBD for cats and dogs is available in a 30ml bottle with one oral syringe for easy delivery. Like the rest of KING KALM™ products, this oil also comes with a handy dosing chart to help owners determine what the best dosage for their pets is.

Here we’ll discuss the applicability of CBD for Chihuahuas in supporting calm behavior as well as treating general health issues, and specifically discuss the benefits of CBD oil for Chihuahuas.

CBD Made for Chihuahuas - An Introduction

A Chihuahua’s temperament is often believed to be partly dependent on that of their grandparents. This makes genealogy especially important when analyzing the ins and outs of Chihuahua's behavior. Many owners of these little canines often struggle to house train their dogs due to their stubborn and feisty nature. Overcoming this requires patience and sometimes a bit of professional training. These dogs have a real Napoleon complex in them, making them more aggressive than they ought to be. For example, many Chihuahuas are not compatible with children, due to distrust they might have for a child’s excitable nature. They are constantly on the alert for entities that might pose a threat to them, and owners can see the anxiety in their behavior. Interestingly, while not always great with other breeds, Chihuahuas are known to be fond of their own, a behavior that prompts veterinarians to refer to them as a “clan” dog. Even still, considering all of their potential maladaptive behavioral traits, Chihuahuas are fiercely loyal to their owners and will defend them with the entirety of their little bodies.

CBD for Chihuahuas is a new and effective treatment for dogs suffering from an overanxious system or who are a little bit too aggressive in their habitat. By interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a relatively new discovery that is thought to play a role in regulating mood and behavior, in addition to processing pain, CBD oil for Chihuahuas can potentially increase their calmness and make it easier for them to process information without getting upset. That means a little bit less of that Napoleon complex and more of the loving Chihuahua owners know their dogs to be underneath. CBD made for Chihuahuas is a great complement to professional training and behavioral classes, as it can bolster the positive feelings developed around newly learned behaviors. And best of all, CBD oil for Chihuahuas carries little to no negative side effects known to many other medications, making it a near risk-free treatment for dogs. 

CBD Oil Made for Chihuahua Separation Problem

As we pointed out earlier, Chihuahuas are fiercely loyal and dependent on their owners, and when they’re suddenly separated from them their anxious and aggressive tendencies can spike, making them a hazard to their surroundings and themselves. In the past, veterinarians often recommended gradual exposure therapy coupled with low dosage antidepressants (the same as humans use), but these medicines often carry negative side effects which take their toll on a dog’s wellbeing. CBD for Chihuahua separation problem is a great new alternative in the canine world, specifically for its potential ability to increase calmness and make it easier for a Chihuahua to exist on their own without their owner, all while carrying none of the side effects known to other pharmaceutical products. CBD is extremely well-tolerated in dogs, and deciding how much CBD for Chihuahuasshould be administered is easy and straightforward. 

CBD for Chihuahuas - Health Management

Another great thing about CBD is that it can be used for much more than just generalized calmness. As we mentioned above, CBD has the potential to positively influence the way the brain and body processes pain, operating not just on the macro level but the micro-level as well, making it both a preventative treatment plan and a pain management treatment plan. Chihuahuas have a number of breed-specific health problems from a young age, including hydrocephalus, moleras, hypoglycemia, eye infections, injuries, etc.  CBD oil for Chihuahuas is being recommended by veterinarians and pet experts for its potential to manipulate genetic markers related to these early-onset disorders. More commonly, it is being used by pet owners to limit the amount of pain experienced by their dog, lessen inflammation, make walking and running easier, and fight obesity and arthritis. Its range of applicability is truly a marvel, which is perhaps the prime reason it is becoming so popular for Chihuahuas and dogs everywhere. 

How Much CBD for ChihuahuasIs Right?

A general rule of thumb for dosing is .05mg per pound. For Chihuahuas, this means a little can go a long way. At King Kanine, we have the best of the best when it comes to CBD for Chihuahuas, including oils, flavored edibles for snack time, and infused topical balms to be used during grooming sessions. We know how helpful CBD can be, not just for Chihuahuas but for all dogs, and that’s why we strive to make a variety of products available, that way every dog has something they can tolerate and enjoy. If you need more advice regarding how much CBD for Chihuahuas is right for your dog, reach out to one of our CBD pet experts. We’d be more than happy to learn about your dog and discuss how our products can alleviate their symptoms, whether they be anxiety or pain-related. Find out what all dog owners are talking about and reach out to King Kanine today!

CBD oil for Dogs

Our CBD for pets combines high-quality cannabidiol with natural krill oil to deliver a more potent therapeutic effect than CBD alone. Owners around the world have used our products to aid their pets with symptoms related to anxiety, inflammation, noise discomfort, loss of appetite and more.

Why buy King Kalm CBD for Chihuahuas

KING KALM™ pet CBD oil is made with extracts obtained from industrial hemp grown in the United States. Each product is formulated with your pet in mind manufactured in our GMP Certified, ISO-9001 Certified FDA Facility. Our CBD for cats and dogs has been tested in a third-party lab to ensure purity and safety making us the best CBD oil for pets in the market.

    See our King Kalm FAQs for Further Information.

    *CBD Oil Color May Vary

    Suggested Dose: Please use the dosing chart included in the box (also posted above with product images). Administer 1-2 times a day.

    **Due to recent studies and customer reviews, splitting the recommended dose into two servings has proven most effective.

    Ingredients: Naturally Occurring Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Krill Oil, Hemp Oil

    Consult with a professional veterinarian prior to use.