January 31, 2018

If you have cats, you know that grooming doesn't come easy. Our lovely feline friends aren't partial to water like our canine companions who can't get enough of bath time.

Cats need a special touch for hassle-free grooming. King Kanine is here to share these helpful tips to make grooming cats painless and easy for you and your furry friend.

Ease Into It

You can't just pick up your cat and start grooming for the first time. This will result in an unpleasant experience for both of you (and probably a few scratches for you).

Instead, acclimate your cat to the grooming process when they're calm. Introduce a brush or King Komb for short periods of time, between 5 and 10 minutes. Praise your cat throughout their grooming session and wrap it up with a small treat.

Taking the fear and uncertainty out of the question will make grooming an easier and more pleasant process for you and your pet.

Bath Time

The two words that make owners shudder almost as much as their pets. Bath time for cats can be a strenuous process but thankfully they're not frequent.

Make bath time easier for you and your cat by adopting a few new practices.

Begin by adjusting the water temperature to pleasantly warm--not too hot, not too cold. Bathe your cat in a sink or tub, depending on your cat's size, and place a rubber bath mat at the bottom. Fill up to 3 or 4 inches.

Gently spray your cat with water using the shower or sink spray hose. Unless you'd like some new scratches adorning your forearms, do not pour or spray water on to your cat's head, and avoid their eyes, ears, and now.

Don't have a spray hose? Not to worry! A pitcher will work fine!

Using shampoo that's made for cats, begin at your cat's head and massage the shampoo from head to tail. Rinse thoroughly until all traces of shampoo is rinsed. Pat dry with a soft towel and if you're feeling amiable, give your poor cat a healthy treat.

Your cat may not like bath time but it can be an easy, painless process when done correctly.

Brushing Made Easy

Brushing your cat is not only good for their coat, but it improves circulation, removes dead skin flakes, and improves their overall skin.

Grooming cats is all about having the right tools. The King Komb(TM) Mini is a retractable grooming tool that makes grooming and deshedding easy as petting your animals.

The King Komb has rubber bristles that scoop up fur and dander into its attachment for easy cleaning and pain-free removal. It is the perfect brush that feels like a calm stroke instead of tedious grooming.

Keep your cat's coat smooth all year around and reduce dander. You can use the King Komb for brushing, massaging, during bath time, or to treat your pet with topical or essential oils.

The Easy Tool for Grooming Cats

King Kanine makes your pet a priority with brushes, treats, and shampoos that are healthy and holistic.

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