If you have a dog then you totally know they shed. Shedding is natural and although it’s not always easily noticed all dogs shed (except maybe those hypoallergenic dogs). I’m the proud dog mum to 3 great dogs, but we all have the best dog no matter what anyone else says, we are all right about our dog being the best.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Komb from King Kanine.

This brush (I should say Deshedding Tool for Dog) is “magic”. Yes, it’s so true though. I’ve gone through so many brushes and deshedding tools trying to find one that’s actually good for my dogs and truly works. This one works wonders! It comes in this pink or you can get it in yellow.

Every brushing so much fur comes off. It’s double sided. One side is for desheddinng (which my dogs need constantly) while the other side is a massage/coat removal bristles.

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Via: Bark With It