January 24, 2018

🐶🙏 Back in October, Tito (my 10 yr old pitbull rescue) was diagnosed with a highly malignant form of melanoma. A friend of mine turned me on to King Kanine’s 300mg CBD oil to help with his cancer treatment. The type of cancer he has is unresponsive to chemo so naturally i decided to clean up his raw diet and give him 2ml of CBD oil daily. These days Tito is so strong he’s taking me for walks. He’s outrunning his younger pitbull sister. He’s so full of life and energy it’s insane! Every 2 months we go back in for check ups and his last visit (yesterday) came back flawless. My Tito saved my life and now I’m here trying to give him his best life. Thanks to your product I’ve got my pup back to his normal self!

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