How To Overcome Dog Glaucoma And Give Your Pets More

February 12, 2020

Dog glaucoma is common for just about all breeds, and most dog owners who have lived through multiple pets know that the condition increases in likelihood as a dog reaches its golden years. Some breeds, like Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Chow Chows, and Siberians are more likely to experience dog glaucoma than other breeds, but truly, no breed is ever 100% safe from the condition.

In this blog, we’ll go over what causes glaucoma in dogs, what its symptoms are, and in what cases it can lead to dog blindness. We’ll also inform our readers about dog blindness treatments that don’t require the high dog glaucoma surgery cost. King Kanine’s goal is to keep our community of readers and customers as informed as they can possibly be, that way their dogs can live healthy and happy lives for a long, long time. Let’s keep going!

Glaucoma: What is it & what are the symptoms?

Glaucoma is an ocular condition that causes pressure to build in the eye, often leading to discomfort and blindness. Sometimes, treatment can go a long way in preventing the condition and lessening the severity of its symptoms, and these include dog glaucoma home remedies, but sometimes not even surgery can reverse what is an unfortunate, natural progression in aging dogs.

There are two types of dog glaucoma: primary glaucoma and secondary glaucoma. Primary glaucoma results in symptoms like high pressure within the eye, constant blinking, receding eyeballs, redness in the eye’s blood vessels, a cloudy appearance at the front of the eye, dilated pupils, and temporary or permanent blindness. Primary glaucoma occurs when the eye cannot drain through its natural filtration angles, whereas secondary glaucoma occurs usually as a result of another disease or infection. Symptoms of secondary glaucoma include things like redness of the eye, inflammatory debris at the front of the eye, constricted pupils, in addition to headaches, loss of appetite, and a change in attitude or energy.

Symptoms can range from mild to severe, and often dogs can go untreated for a long period of time before their owner recognizes the warning signs. Treating the condition early can go a long way in preventing dog blindness and making it less likely that the dog will suffer from pain associated with building pressure in their eyes.

Dog Glaucoma Treatment - CBD For Dog Glaucoma

Dog Glaucoma Treatmentand Dog Blindness Treatment

A veterinarian will be able to diagnose glaucoma in dogs rather simply, due to its characteristic appearance and high-rate of occurrence in dogs over a certain age. If the condition is not too severe, the veterinarian will prescribe pharmaceutical products that will lessen the pressure in the eye, decreasing the pain and discomfort associated with the condition. If it is not caught until too late, it may be the case that the optic nerve is damaged, which would require surgery to permanently fix. Dog glaucoma surgery costs can be very high and vary depending on the veterinarian and the city and state in which the operation would take place. One certain procedure, called cyclocryotherapy, uses cold temperatures to kill the cells creating the excess fluid in the eye, whereas other procedures focus on draining the eye of the excess fluid that cannot be drained naturally.

In cases where the condition is too severe or is recognized to be progressive, doctors may recommend the total removal of the eye, that way the dog will no longer experience the intense pain associated with glaucoma. The eye socket will then be sutured shut. Many dogs who undergo this surgery are able to adapt to their new lives rather quickly, whereas others, including those who have had both eyes removed, depending on their owners more in order to get through their days. It is recommended that owners of blind dogs rearrange their homes to make it easier for their dogs to get around. Keeping blind dogs to one floor of the house and simplifying their walking paths around that floor will go a long way in easing their transition.

Dog Glaucoma Home Remedies

A number of dietary changes or additions can be helpful for dogs experiencing the early symptoms of glaucoma, such as more spinach, fennel, carrots, and vitamin C. These items contain nutrients that can also potentially prevent the occurrence of glaucoma and blindness. Some pet experts also recommend dandelion and magnesium to be included in a dog’s diet for an extra preventative measure.

CBD for dogs is a new and increasingly popular product that is thought by many pet experts and owners alike to decrease the likelihood of glaucoma and blindness. Research has also shown that it carries properties that can potentially lessen the pain and symptoms associated with the condition. The non-psychoactive cannabis-derived compound has been used for humans suffering from glaucoma for many years, and now recent studies point to its efficacy in treating the condition in dogs as well. One of the best things about the compound is that it is all-natural and organic, meaning it comes with none of the negative side-effects known of other pharmaceutical products prescribed to treat ocular health in dogs.

King Kanine is a CBD leader for dogs and other pets, and we carry a wide range of products that all dogs can enjoy, including CBD oils, edibles, and topicals. If you are curious about how our products can potentially ease symptoms associated with your dog’s glaucoma or eye health in general, please reach out to one of our team members today. We’re looking forward to helping you and your furry friend!