March 07, 2017

Anyone who has welcomed a dog into their home for the very first time may feel a little overwhelmed by the many new responsibilities, one of which is bathing. The idea of thoroughly scrubbing down an overactive puppy or a nervous older dog might seem a bit daunting, but it can be done with the right knowledge and a willingness to get a little wet. In this post, the expert dog groomers from Awesome Doggies share six helpful tips for bathing your dog.

  1. Use The Right Shampoo: Right off the bat, the first thing you need is proper shampoo for your dog. The shampoo we use as humans is not the same pH level as animal shampoo. If you use something other than a shampoo designed specifically for animals, it could possibly irritate your dog's skin. Definitely it's not ideal. If your dog has skin issues, ask your veterinarian for recommendations. We like to use all-natural Canine Shampoos to minimize everybody's exposure to chemicals. Do your own thing, but use a good quality product.  
  2. Protect Your Drains: If you are planning to bathe your dog in your home sink, bathtub or shower, make sure to block the drain beforehand. You don't want massive piles of dog hair clogging your drain and causing plumbing problems down the road. Have a strainer in place on your drain. Alternately, a piece of steel wool can be used as a temporary strainer, just be sure to use a large enough piece that the steel wool itself won't end up washing down your pipes. 
  3. Provide a Nonslip Surface: Just like humans, dogs get stressed out by slipping and sliding all over the place and not being able to stand. Invest in a nonskid rubber mat so your dog can rest comfortably on its feet and not have to worry about slipping and sliding all over the place. 
  4. Prevent Swimmers Ear: Getting water in your ears is no fun...and your dog doesn't like it either. If your dog is sensitive place cotton balls inside their ears to help thwart water from entering. Remember to take them out after the bath, of course. 
  5. Get The Water Started Before The Bath: If you already know that your furry friend is a nervous bather, get the warm water running and fill up the tub before bringing your dog in. The sound of running water will just make your nervous pup even more anxious, so get the tub filled first and then bring him or her in.
  6. Prep Everything Before Bath Time: Having the bathing station all set up and ready to go before bath time is definitely key to success. Fewer things are more frustrating than starting your dog's bath and then realizing you don't have everything you need. Unless you are okay with a sloppy, wet, mess all over your bathroom and maybe other parts of your house, get the shampoo, conditioners, cotton balls, buckets or bowls (for dipping water to rinse), towels, combs, and other bathing supplies that you need together before you start. This way you won't have to keep getting up from the bathtub to grab things....because you know when that happens, your dog isn't going to stay put!

Via: Awesome Doggies

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