January 17, 2018

You may already know about the health benefits of CBD oil for humans - you might even use it yourself.

But do you know about the many uses for pet CBD oil?

That's right -- CBD isn't just useful for human ailments.

Pets can also benefit from this safe, all-natural treatment.

Ready to learn how CBD oil can give your pet a better quality of life?

Read on to find out more!

What is CBD And Why Is Pet CBD Oil Beneficial?

Although CBD oil has grown in popularity as a medical treatment, some pet owners still may not know what it is.

We'll break it down to help you understand why this is such a great treatment option for pets.

CBD oil is a liquid that comes from the marijuana plant - but don't worry, you won't be getting your pet high.

THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana. However, CBD is the part of the plant with the medical benefits.

CBD oil harnesses all the positive medicinal properties of the plant, with none of the "high" feeling. This makes CBD oil the perfect choice for treating various pet ailments.

Keep reading to learn just a few of the many things CBD can help your furry friend with.

1. Anxiety

Pets can have many sources of anxiety. Some have separation anxiety, while others may be afraid of loud noises or public spaces.

Maybe you're planning a trip and will be leaving your pet with separation anxiety for a while. Or maybe you're planning a long trip with a pet that doesn't travel well.

No matter what the anxiety source is, CBD oil can help keep them calm through a stressful situation.

2. Seizures

Many animals suffer from seizures for a variety of reasons, just like humans do.

Pet CBD oil can control seizures with none of the negative side effects associated with other seizure medications. It may even be more effective than those other drugs.

Studies in humans have proven the positive effects of CBD on seizures. It's even been found to combat drug-resistant epilepsy. So whether you're out of ideas for how to help your pet with seizures, or just not happy with the other drugs on the market, CBD oil is a great choice.

3. IBS

Just like humans, pets can also suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. Luckily, CBD oil can help.

Studies on animals have shown that CBD helps with IBS and other gut issues, bringing both you and your pet relief from this difficult issue.

4. Pain

One of the most common uses for pet CBD oil is to treat pain.

Since our pets can't talk to us, it can be hard to figure out just what the source of pain is, much less how to fix it. Fortunately, CBD is great for treating pain across the board, even when you're having trouble finding the cause.

CBD both decreases pain and the inflammation associated with pain, so it can help increase mobility and reduce the risk of injury.

Ready to Try Pet CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a great treatment for these common pet issues, as well as countless other difficult situations.

Are you ready to give pet CBD oil a try? We'll make it easy for you - place an online order today!

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