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The use of CBD oil is getting some real high attention from smokers far and wide.

CBD, which stands for cannabinoid, is a legal, non-psychoactive substance. But, it comes straight from a smoker's favorite flower - marijuana.

Many smokers have the freedom to enjoy CBD in the privacy of their homes as well as their public hangout spots. This substance can also be baked or used topically.

Although some people do it just for fun, others have noticed physical and emotional benefits from CBD. Pet owners especially love seeing these benefits when using CBD oil for dogs.

Here are some of the top five effects cannabinoid can have on your canine.

1. Soothes Anxiety

Humans aren't the only beings that get a little stressed out sometimes.

Many dogs experience a form of separation anxiety. Others may feel agitated by extreme weather conditions or loud noises.

Most of the time, this means extra work as the owner prepares to go on vacation or sees a storm coming in.

But, with the help of CBD oil for dogs, everyone's stress can significantly go down.

Try giving your pup a bit of a CBD doggy treat before their trigger comes up. This can help with separation anxiety as you leave the house, or when preparing to have guests over if your dog doesn't like loud noises.

2. Boosts Appetite

Instead of high levels of anxiety, some dogs experience poor appetite.

This could be for a variety of reasons, but there is one solution that will help.

A little bit of CBD can turn a dog who just plays with his food into one that licks his bowl clean. If your dog has been vomiting up his meals, or not eating much in the first place, give this trick a try.

3. Lowers Inflammation

Sometimes, inflammation makes your dog looks like he ate more than he actually did.

Inflammation can also occur around the legs and paws, or the neck. It happens internally as well, often in the stomachs or intestines.

Thankfully, CBD oil for dogs helps fight this wherever it pops up.

CBD has naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory properties.

Use it several times a week, or even daily, to increase your pup's overall comfort. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to consult their vet.

4. Fights Pain

Inflammation that doesn't go away is one of many things that can cause your dog to be in pain.

Whatever the source is though, CBD oil can be the solution.

Eating CBD treats can help lower the extent to which your dog is feeling their pain. It soothes the nerves to calm down, making the whole experience less extreme than it would be otherwise.

5. Offers an Alternative Cancer Treatment

A rough estimate of six million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer this year. This number doesn't include those who are already undergoing treatment.

If your pup's cancer has just been discovered, or if he's been in treatment for a while, consider trying CBD oil.

CBD has been shown to fight the growth of tumors in humans. It can help do this for your dog as well.

If anything, use it alongside treatment to help your pup be himself.

This means anything from eating regularly to having a bit more energy - both of which many treatment pups struggle to do.

Pick Your Treat of Choice with CBD Oil for Dogs

Now that you know the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, you're probably wondering how to get your hands on it.

It's simple - order one of our special CBD canine treats!

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Judy Banister
Judy Banister

January 04, 2018

I purchased a bottle of King Kalm CBD 150mg but there wasn’t a dosage chart in the box . So I need a dosage chart to make certain my dog is getting only what he should. Can you help?

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